Saturday, October 29, 2016


HAPPY DIPAWALI to all Service/Family/Disability/WIE pensioners. 

Govt of India, MoD, Dept of Ex-servicemen Welfare Ltr bearing No.19(01)/2016-D(Pen/Pol) d/d 29.10.16 issued.


And your new pension wef 01.01.2016 is - Your existing pension (OROP) as on 31.12.2015 to be multiplied by 2.57. i.e. OROP x 2.57 is NEW PENSION w.e.f. 1.1.2016.

Disability pension @ old rates as of now, pending recommendations of the committe. 


16.1. All PDAs handling disbursement of pensions to the Defence Pensioners are hereby authorised to pay pension/family pension to existing pensioners/family pensioners at the revised rates in terms of Para 5.1 above without any further authorisation from the Pension Sanctioning Authorities. (PCDA(P) Allahabad).

16.2. It is considered desirable that the benefits of these orders should reach the pensioners as expediously as possible. To achieve this objective, it is directed that all Pension Disbursing Agencies should ensure that the revised pension and the arrears due to the pensioners in terms of Para 5.1 above is paid to the pensioners or credited to their account in one installment within two months from the date of issue of this letter.

So, therefore, all good times ahead.

Arrears of DL-33, New Pension and DA in Nov 16.

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Pension instructions for pre-2016 retirees issued, based on 7th Pay Commission orders

The Ministry of Defence has issued the instructions for payment of pensions implementing the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission. 

The rates of disability element have not been reduced for now and shall continue to be paid as per existing amounts under the existing percentage based formula till the issue is resolved by the Anomalies Committee. 

The note under Paragraph of 12 of the new letter related to non-grant of additional quantum of pension to pensioners aged 80 years and above as far as their disability/war injury elements are concerned is incongruous and shall be taken up with the Government for rectification at the earliest. The same is the strange result of an incoherent recommendation which was discussed earlier in the post of 30 September 2016 in the following terms:

Enhancement of old age pension for disability and war injury pensioners: The strangest part of this entry is the fact that the Defence Services had indeed asked for this, and the commission actually rejected it and the Ministry of Defence has accepted that rejection. I say it is strange because the Government had already clarified way back in 2010 that additional old age pension very much applies to disability and war injury pensioners. Hence the Defence Services HQ had demanded and the 7th CPC and the Ministry of Defence rejected something that stood granted and clarified way back in 2010 by the Government which becomes clear from this letter issued in 2010 which can be accessed by clicking here. This single instance should be an indicator enough of the expertise and institutional memory available at various echelons of our systems. Unfortunate, to say the least!


  1. HAPPY DIPAWALI to all Service/Family/Disability/WIE pensioners. Govt of India, Ministry of Defence Department of Ex servicemen Welfare letter bearing No 19(o1)/2016-D(Pen/Pol) dated 29 Oct 2016 issued. Pension as on 31.12.2015 to be muultiplied by 2.57 and your new pension wef 01.01.2016.

  2. The changes made in the system is really appreciable. All rotten rules and procedures must go instantly like this. Very nice.

  3. Happy DeepavaLi to all veterans. OROP, DL-33, 7th CPC - all these are results out of hard work and struggle by our Veterans, to whom all the veterans should be deeply grateful, beholden and indebted all the time. ( By Ex-Sgt Anand MS)

  4. Much awaited implementation order on 7 Cpc for AF pensioners is now a reality. LET US HOPE THAT cppc OF ALL DISBURSING BANKS will take expeditious action in this regard.
    As per orders the order the OROP pension is to be multiplied by 2.57 to arrive at the new pension.
    The OROP is paid on pro-rata basis now. So naturally has to be refixed in accordance with MGP. Till such time will it not be difficult to calculate the arrears and DA. As of now there is difference in OROP pension for those who served only 15 yrs compared to who served longer.
    Please correct me if I am wrong

    1. JWO Dukumaran Nair.
      There is nothing. New on the order issued bu DEDW regardong pension calculationi This favtor of 2.57 multiple was out three months ago. We were expecting they will issue order for defence pensions wirh DL 33 yrs servive. So that they issue order also implimenting MSP & X Grp pay aswell as suggested by the 7th cpc.
      It appears they would do it on parts tp show off to the public that they are doing a lot by increasing pension of ex servicemen and families many times.
      Let us wait and watch for the next order.
      Retd. MCPO I.N.

  5. Thank you, happy Diwali to all ☺

  6. There no required of pcda circular

  7. The said formula is not correct as this is not delinking 33 yes.

  8. The fixation of pension will not be correct for Hon Fg Offr.,as the annex. X of 501 and same coppied 555 is have anamoly.
    In that the max. Service mentioned is 32 yrs.which is wrong.In IAF the the Hon is eligible after min. 36 yrs.of service.The entry is not corrected after so many request by so many air vet.

  9. Enough of policy decisions, notifications , circulars , letters and words from ministers etc. etc. When will the banks credit a rupee on these accounts ??--- Diwali 2016 is gone .... any new ministerial word on the next date ??

  10. The PM is making all out efforts to stand by the forces...
    That's Good in one way.
    BUT... A few concerns which need to be resolved at the earliest for maintaing the morale of the defence services... They are
    1 There needs to be a distinguistion between the Defence Services and the Central Police Services.... It is clear now that Police services now being an ORGANISED service is getting much higher pay, perks and benefits. The Defence forces are reduced to begging for their pay and perks..
    The morale of Defence Services has been systematically reduced to minimum
    The MoD is confronting every issue related to the Defense forces fit no reason..
    God knows when the PM will look into it or will he actually look into it

    1. Kudos. Hope and wish this nation decides in favour of OROP. Soldier, irrespective of rank, can not be equated in terms of money.

  11. What about 2.86 increase in 7th pay, which is correct 2.57,or 2.86 Pl clear to all thanks.

  12. The multiplication factor 2.57 on basic as on 31.12.2015 what about DL 33 basic, notified by circular 568 ? Pension basic as on 31.12.2015 should be the amount under circular 568 or OROP basic which ever is higher, should be taken as base for the multiplication same is not mentioned in the notification .

  13. The multiplication factor 2.57 on basic as on 31.12.2015 what about DL 33 basic, notified by circular 568 ? Pension basic as on 31.12.2015 should be the amount under circular 568 or OROP basic which ever is higher, should be taken as base for the multiplication same is not mentioned in the notification .

  14. What about those retired between 02 Jul 2014 to 31 Dec 2015? OROP not applicable to them and their juniors retired before 01 Jul 2014 and having 33 years and more QS will get more pension.

    1. simple . multiply your basic pension as on the 31 Dec 2015 by 2.57 you will get your entitlements and have a nice Deepawali

  15. Broadbanding of disability pension sanctioned Wef 1.1.2016 vide govt resolution of 30 SEP 2016 not incorporated in this MOD letter.

  16. For this,the authorities have taken so many months. It is not understood how many more days/months will take to disburse. By then I think we all can celeberate Xmas, New Year and go for DEEPAVALI of 2017.���� ��

  17. The way The PM speaks ( spoke to troops to day some field areas in HP) sounds very encouraging but it gives the feeling that the MOD under Parekar seems to be from Pakistan. Also it gives the impression that the the P M is not aware of the cold war going between the M OD and Defence Forces No one in MOD listens to the R M. The recent examples are the letter issued by MOD on disability and down gradation of rank ( status) of Serving officers vis -a -vis the civilians in the MOD. The civilian staff including the C G D A were basically created to help and serve the defence forces so that they ( Def Forces)concentrate on their primary job and do not get bogged down in day to day administrating functioning. Unfortunately these people have become the masters and have started dictating their own terms to the defence forces. The problem is nothing but a typical babugiri. It is a every where in India any office one visits one finds same thing . A person who is supposed to be making payment to an individual thinks that firstly why that person is getting the benefits and secondly why not me. In the Indian system a Patwari ,who keeps the records of the land holdings of public in rural areas starts thinking that he is the actual owner of the land and does so many wrong things to benefit himself. This tendency needs to be curbed. We in the defence forces work on some ethos and principals to keep our selves motivated. If we dont follow that we will be like civil police with chappals on our feet, pan in our mouth and gamcha on our shoulders . ( no Offence to Police force) Our R M must exert and not to get swayed away by the people at the MOD . His reputation as R M of India is at stake It is the time to end the on going war between the services and the M OD. Every one must do his assigned task rather than boss around. No one is serving any one but the Mother India. If the PM and RM do not check the ongoing war between the Defence forces and the MOD our enemies across the borders are having a hearty laugh. never know these very enemies may have their hands in creating such situatation. Hope this message reaches the PM and RM.

  18. This is after extreme demoralizing. My heart goes to those veterans who passed away in anticipation at the age of 55-66

  19. OROP was applicable as per base year 2013 and 7th cpc is applicable wef 01.01.2016 . What about intrim period increasement to pre 2016 retiree . There was points discussed by pcda to enhance the multiplication factor for def forces and holding of cpc orders for def forces for more than two months not understood without any changes


    1. Very informative &relavent comments.Nice to see and feel awareness by intellectual community of veterans.The issues being voiced are valid &relevant.
      * Base year ,why as on 2013/2014 and why not as on 31 dec 2015.
      * MF.?
      * MGP.?
      *Why at min of PB /Pay in PB ; instead of max of pay in PB proportionate to length of years of service in that level with MACP applicability( notional ) to pre 2016 /2006 retirees.!