Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bhagat Singh Koshyari on OROP : Where is discipline? Veterans behaving like labour unions:

Bhagat Singh Koshyari, former Uttarakhand Chief Minister and veteran of the BJP and RSS who submitted his committee's report on OROP in December 2011 to the Parliament, today broke his silence in an exclusive interview and lashed out at veterans for the poor manner in which they, in his opinion, had conducted themselves.Bhagat Singh Koshyari

Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister and veteran of the BJP and RSS Bhagat Singh Koshyari
He is one politician whose name emerges on every occasion when there is a discussion on vexed issue of One Rank One Pension (OROP). As the protesting veterans and representatives of the government lock horns, it is definition of OROP framed by this veteran, in his earlier stint in Rajya Sabha, which lies at the heart of the battle. When Bhagat Singh Koshyari, former Uttarakhand Chief Minister and veteran of the BJP and RSS submitted his committee's report, in December 2011 to the Parliament, it was hailed for its pro-soldier stand in support of OROP. Today, he broke his silence in an exclusive interview and lashed out at veterans for the poor manner in which they, in his opinion, had conducted themselves.
In remarks which may irk the protesting veterans, the septuagenarian at his Lodhi Estate residence in the heart of New Delhi said, "May be some in the agitation are thinking just because the government is listening to them they should squeeze out as much as possible. Greed may be playing a part. I can't rule out that there may be political motivations to this issue as well after all a party has ruled for six decades almost and we didn't see such things and this government is barely a year old and you are upping the ante in this form!" The protesting veterans have maintained that their agitation is apolitical and had in fact disallowed Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi when he tried to address them at Jantar Mantar on August 14. "They say once a soldier, always a soldier. Discipline is their defining attribute. Yet see how they are conducting them selves. If they continue like this, like how ordinary people or labour unions do, I can only say they will end up damaging the stature of the armed forces," he added.
According to him the government had walked more than '99 per cent' on its promise. "Need for showing flexibility and open mindedness is now for the protesters. A great soldier always knows that sometimes he may have to retreat to get to his main goal," he said.
While the protesting veterans have more than once alleged that the bureaucrats have undone the OROP, Koshyari confirmed this. "When we were listening to all stakeholders over OROP, we did come across strong opposition from large number of government employees, including senior bureaucrats. However we over-ruled them in favour of our soldiers because OROP is needed," he said.
According to Koshyari, the prevailing impasse is only and only because of the 'rigidity displayed by the ex-servicemen'. "I have no advice to give to the government. Both the PM and Defence Minister want it and bureaucracy is no longer a hurdle. Re-think over the issue is required by the veterans. They should withdraw," he concluded.
What was the Koshyari committee and what did it say on OROP?
From 2010, Rajya Sabha Committee on Petitions deliberated on the issue of granting OROP to armed forces and submitted its report on December 19, 2011. While it was chaired by Koshyari, it consisted of nine more members including Ram Vilas Paswan, Nandi Yellaiah, Rajeev Shukla, Avinash Pande, Bal Apte, P Rajeeve, Veer Pal Singh Yadav, Paul Manoj Pandian and Rajaram. It went through over 200 submissions from different organizations including the armed forces. Among its findings:
- Finance Ministry's concern that if granted to armed forces, OROP may be sought by other govt employees was unconvincing
- Unconvinced by the hurdles which the MoD portrayed existed in the implementation of OROP
- Decision of third pay commission to bring down the pay and pension of armed forces on the pattern of civilians was not a considered decision
- OROP should be implemented at the earliest
- Separate commission should look into the issues of pay and pension of the armed forces

(Source- India today)   


  1. Dear Sir,
    You are 100% right a soldier is always soldier but what about a politician?when out of power and when is in power please look at your PM what was his promise before election it is almost two years nothing is done only talking about promise.What about you sir,if congress is in power at centre will you talk like this no you will support soldiers as your party in power you are talking against ESM.How many more years you want us to keep shut are we disturbing any one or common public with our actions can't we do rasta roko/rail roko andolan and bring everything to halt no sir we cannot do it because we are soldiers and remain soldiers till our death.
    jai hind

  2. Dear koshyari,

    Look you conduct your self as a good politician, it is your report that was tabled and accepted and agreed by one and all for implementation, only set back in your government is arun jaitley who obstructs the passing of OROP, if the implentation of OROP incurs loss or consume lion share of exchequer, let MODI come in person and surrender to the agitating ex army people and tell the truth, your MODI is playing hide and seek drama with ex army people. OROP your definition and the great intelligent arun jaitley explanation and parikkar's version, no where it meets the common point in the acronym of OROP. first you tutor your modi jaitley and parikkar what is discipline and conduct of good politicians

  3. The image of Netas and their activities in the parliament are all over India to see--- charity begins at home and so before throwing stones at others from a glass house, just beware of repercussions .

  4. There are many obstruct to delay the orop, it should be implemented without any delay. Jo bhi mil raha hai usi mein sabar karna chahiya.

  5. I do not subscribe the views of those threatening with serious repurcussions on or after OROP.I can say with 1000% conviction that 99 % JCOs/Ors are with Modi Govt . What ever available on internet , print media and TV news channels reveals Modi Govt is handling this issue with all sense of responsibility and favouring most to JAWANs who need the OROP most. But officers who are more closely watching the picture have started calculating their loss in advance . Therefore hindering the very welfare of the JAWAN and JCOs at their insistence on one or other issue. My appeal to GOVT OF INDIA......... it should keep a close watch on vested interests trying to hijack this protest and taking it to serving fraternity.

  6. 3% increments on pay every year, it make difference of 30% from one Central Pay Commission(CPC) to another CPC. It is not possible to calculate increments every year and equalizing juniors and seniors in each rank. Once the Govt is ready to do it in every five years time and UFESM opting for two years. In case it is to agreeable for every one this can be 10% increment every three years. In this way in three increments in nine years can be easily calculated and added to each one ESM pension. In the 10th year CPC will be there. I hope this will solve the Govt and ESM stand. Now let us hope that good sense prevails and ESM ca be releived from RHS/FUD and Govt/FM from unwanted discussions/brain storming.

  7. Koshyari is becoming "Hosiyar". When Congress was in power, to tarnish them he gave this report, thinking that BJP will never come to power. When BJP in power he is telling ESM are like trade union leaders. This is the double standards of BJP and RSS. If we are ruling rule is different but if you are ruling we will make "hall gulla". Hoshiar math bano Koshyar. Dont take out BJP colour out. Afterall you are only a politician........

  8. Abuse ,deprive and betray the soldier! and this person has timidity to say indiscipline ,and go on comparing to trade unions ; as if they are illegal and politicians - all that is seen in parliament is their prprivilege. How hypocrisy is displayed ???????
    Veterans ,many of them ,much elder and sacrificed so much for the Nation can see his double speak when in & out of power !

  9. mr kosiyari was sitting at the opposition bench in 2011. he never thought that he will come to the ruling front. yes we have discipline, it is inthe blood, not like politician, that is why we never damaged any property any one, as u people do in your procession, and given respect to each and every one, which u dont have, We have only demanded declare a date for OROP. as politician u will turn the plate always . public are aware of that. Jaihind