Tuesday, September 1, 2015

OROP, census report to figure in RSS meet, scheduled to begin 02 Sep 15

OROP, census report to figure in RSS meet
(Representative image: TOI)

RSS spokesperson Manmohan Vaidya said that the meeting of 93 functionaries, that will include members of the BJP parliamentary board, and 15 affiliates is larger than usual in view of number of issues to be discussed. 

The census figures have generated some heat over the rise in Muslim population and fall in Hindu numbers. The issue of demographics and the related question of illegal migrants is close to the Sangh's heart. 

Seeking to de-emphasize speculation that the meeting will be an assessment of the Modi government, Vaidya said the affiliates will "exchange notes" over relevant issues during the coordination meeting scheduled to begin September 2.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to take part in the discussions that are also seen in the context of the government getting an opportunity to receive feedback on a range of issues that have agitated the public. 

The coordination exercise also aims to bring about closer understanding and reducing potential frictions over contentious issues like OROP and the land bill. The government gets an idea of the Sangh Parivar's mood — something that needs to be factored in while considering how issues play out with various constituencies.

(Source - TOI)


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