Friday, May 29, 2015

Don’t mess with the Armed forces, warns Wing Commander Karnik refusing Defense Minister’s invitation

Published On: Thu, May 28th, 2015

Disgusted with government policies and practices with respect to armed forces, Suresh D Karnik, hero of 1971 war, declines an invitation to attend a function in Pune to be attended by Defense Manohar Parrikar and Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis

Pune/Nagpur: Veteran Wing Commander Suresh Damodar Karnik did not attend a function held today, on 28th May ,in the presence of Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. He had earlier politely declined the invitation to register his protest against repeated assurances by PM, Modi and Parrikar both made in the past year to implement the one ‘one rank , one pension’ scheme. This scheme had been cleared by UPA Defence Minister Antony after a lot of perusal by Armed forces and just some formalities are left, which are not being cleared.
“We have been waiting, and waiting and waiting… I am already 80 years old, how much longer do I have to wait to get what is legitimately owed to me?” Asked an exasperated Wing Commander Karnik while speaking to Times Now some time ago.
When Modi did not mention tany action on this at the large rally he held in Mathura two days ago to commemmorate one year in office, it was the last straw for the expectant Army officers, retired as well as serving.
There is a real risk that officers of all three services would get together and decide on some way to express dissent. They could also go on strike.
In an email reply to Dr Purandare, Wing Commander Karnik, a recipient of the Vir Chakra for his role in the 1971 War, had said, “We are unable to accept the invite as we find that in the present dispensation our respected political leaders seem to pursue a Policy towards the Armed Forces which imbibes ‘NATO’ as our India Policy viz ‘NO ACTION TALK ONLY’.”
“Alongside the Babus who formulate, guide, decide on behalf of our national leaders seem to be pursuing a policy of inching towards making Defence Forces into a Defiant Force. Being a diehard Nationalist Indian I strongly oppose the above stated Policies,” he said.
Wing Commander Karnik was a combat fighter pilot during his service in the Indian Air Force (IAF) and participated in several wars and battles. His sorties included ‘beyond the call of duty’ missions in life threatening environments in combat zones against enemies.
During the operations against Pakistan in December 1971, (the then) Squadron Leader Suresh Damodar Karnik served as a flight commander of a bomber squadron, the No. 16 Squadron, know as Black Cobras of the IAF. He flew six very important and difficult missions, by day as well as by night, in the Western and Eastern Sectors. These missions involved day and night bombing raids over enemy airfields and interdiction of enemy boats by day. The interdiction missions were flown against a large volume of flak, resulting in damage to his aircraft by enemy fire. Despite this, he pressed home his attacks and destroyed a number of enemy boats. He also carried out a day bombing raid over Chittagong airfield in the face of heavy antiaircraft fire. During this mission, he bombed and destroyed a large oil dump.
For this act, Wing Commander Suresh Karnik was awarded the Vir Chakra, the third in precedence in the wartime gallantry awards, which comes after the Param Vir Chakra and Maha Vir Chakra.
It may be recalled that last Diwali itself, Modi had promised to act on the long standing demand of the forces. But no action has been forthcoming.


  • Mallikarjunan Muthuswamy · Govt Higher Secondary School, Vellalore
    Glad that I too worked in 16 Sqn in Gorakhpur, with Jaguar. A very big salute to Wg Cdr! I am really surprised on Mr.Modi's silence! He is talking very loudly about everything but carefully silence on OROP. We, veterans are very sensible.. if he tells the truth ... He can trust us and tell the fact..... We shall support, if he tells Babus are unable to calculate... or if FM says his coffin will become empty by OROP... we ought to support our PM. Mangolia can get 10000 crores...... All MPs can get 540 crores per year.... Govt can do any thing lavishly... But there is no money to JAWANS! Atleast veterans Rathore and VK Singh close to RM,FM,& PM should explain or resign....
    • Krishan Sharan Singh · Shiyaram shing high school
      Politician of india should must not play dirty politics with brave, honest veterans of defence services. All veterans be united for your right . This BJP govt should have given respect tp the competent court of law HONOURABLE SUPREEM court .If the PM is respectful to the constitution of india ,how he has disobeyed the order of Honourable Suprrem court .It is pretntion OR Drama.
      • Mamraj Tomar · Executive at Amity University
        All Veterans must unite now and held a protest against the present govt for not declaring OROP.
        • Chidananda Kadamaje · Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai), India
          Congress government cheated retired defense personnel for more than three decades.
          During the run up to the Loksabha elections modi promised repeatedly that OROP is genuine and justified and it will be implemented immediately if his government comes to power.
          But Modi and his bunch of ministers have turned out to be even bigger liers and cheaters.
          The state of affairs is very unfortunate to this. A soldier gets ready to fight the enemy regardless of his safety and comforts due to the grate respect he has for his country. Beware, a nation that does not respect it's defense forces will end up with a defense forces that does not respect the nation.
          • Parminder Singh · Asst. director of works NHQ at Retired from the Indian Navy
            • Hemant Sharma · Indian Military Academy
              We salute you Wg Cdr Karnik for this bold step. This has really rattled the Govt. Any Govt that takes its Armed Forces for granted is bound to lose respect by its people. Let us confront the politicians who have used us to Govern this country.
              • Khalsa Ranbir Singh · Punjabi University
                It is always said by our seniors & old persons of WORLD never believe politicion of india at any cost sir===They are are saying avail what you get & be DUMB.==Forces are payed for their duties.meies
                We are not aloyed to charge enemy while petroling.Evan enemy was at arm-length during on board a
                navel ship in open sea--OUR cap.retuned very next movment BACK to along-side.
                • Satheesh Nair · Panjab University, Chandigarh
                  Had lot of expectations from Shri Modi. He talks of deadline on many issues. Same with OROP. But is he really delivering the goods on time? OROP is a good example. He talked too much & blamed the UPA government for delaying OROP. But now whom is he going to blame?
                  • Surendra Subudhi · Executive at Container Corporation of India
                    lets be together and fight for ours this very legitimate cause. it is sure , nothing possible without righteous fight.
                    • Sibaprasad Majumdar · HGA at LIC OF INDIA
                      I salute to veteran wg.cdr karnik for the protest launched by him against MOD. I CONGRATULATE u sir for this. All exm. Corades should learn from him.
                      • Prakash Nair · Bangalore, India
                        Sir, these politicians are like prawns, No Guts, No spine and a head full of shit, but they command high price and status
                        • Satya Kam Bhardwaj · University of Delhi
                          Mr. Modi U are nothing but a big mouth. Just TALK TALK and no action, U do not deliver any thing.
                          • Pvrk Prasad ·  · Deputy Manager at State Bank of India_SBI
                            Someone will utter soon...... what O-R-O-P? .India is P-O-O-R.
                            Give it up like Gas Subsidy.
                            • Indresh Verma · BND College, Kanpur
                              This is lessons for those exservice man still sitting in govt
                              • Jagdish Chandra Pareek · Govt.high school
                                Why beg..see Gujjar got reservation with 8 days by 
                                Rail Roko...why not veterans also do the same...

                                1. One great act of Wing Cdr. Karnik, which has shaken this government.
                                  The Modi government can not blame any one except itself, DM can not get away by saying that they have done their part of work at MOD and the issue is pending at FM level. All is utter non sense and pure lies. The fact is their intentions are to somehow get away from the commitment and link everything to 7th PC and satisfy the Babus who they think are indespensable but jawans can be befooled. BJP will pay a heavy price for their indifference to OROP issue in particular and jawans in general.
                                  Just by the way, congress and RG in particular may keep their bloody mouth shut as they are greater culprits who treated the jawans and their families and above all the disabled jawans in an unspeakable worst ways that I have nothing but the greatest curse and worst wishes for that party.

                                  1. u r mistaken khurana sir. the politicians will not b shaken by this great wg co's act. they r thick skinned.
                                    I agree with u sir. Congress just bluffed us, but BJP, particularly Modi ji betrayed us

                                2. Bank employee got hike 15%, gurjar assured of reservation, rly union gets what they want. Neither any white collar nor any babu ciuld stop their demand. The word NATO is correct word for govt leaders. V must adopt either NOW or NEVER.

                                3. Chanakya the great political advisor to the Emperor Chandragupta warns that " the day your soldiers demands for better salary; you think that you have the weakest defence force in your Kingdom ". Our great PM should think about this historical fact.

                                4. Chanakya the great political advisor to the Emperor Chandragupta warns that " the day your soldiers demands for better salary; you think that you have the weakest defence force in your Kingdom ". Our great PM should think about this historical fact.

                                5. Respected sir,
                                  vir chakra awardee of our forefather and progenitor, we fall prostrate to his feet for getting his blessings. a octogenarian bhismar of our fauji, our family deity, he was also insulted and belittled by modi government, very shame even God will forgive for this act of digraceful, only the time will teach the BJP lesson

                                6. Hats off to Wing Commander Suresh Damodar Karnik . He seems to be the first person among ex-servicemen who has shown mirror to the RM. The Government must thing and specially the Generals and Colonels sitting in the Government and thinking of their own benefit only. Thank-you Wing Commander Sir. Jai Hind to you.