Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ex-servicemen to gherao Modi over OROP

Posted at: May 30 2015 12:26AM
Ex-servicemen today served a one-month notice to the government to honour its commitment on the one-rank, one-pension (OROP) scheme or face their wrath.
“We have been waging a battle against the successive governments at the Centre for the past 31 years for getting the one-rank one-pension demand fulfilled and now with our patience running out, the All-India Ex-Servicemen League has decided to gherao the Prime Minister when he addresses the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on August 15,” said Vijai Singh Mankotia, president of the Himachal Ex-Servicemen League.
Mankotia said, “The betrayal by the Modi regime which had promised to grant one-rank one-pension to us on the completion of one year of its rule has led to frustration among both retired as well as serving soldiers. It barely takes five minutes for Parliament and assemblies to double the salaries of its members but even after 31 years, since this demand of one-rank one pension was made in 1984, the Defence Minister has said it can take a few more months,” said Mankotia.
He said the All-India Ex-Servicemen had also urged the Chiefs of the Army and the Naval and Air Force to convey to the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister that any delay would only lead to demoralisation of the forces.
He said the strength of the ex-servicemen was almost 45 lakh and the number in Himachal stands at over 1.50 lakh. “Every year about 60,000 personnel retire and the financial implication of the one-rank one-pension demand is Rs 8,750 crore,” he said.
The PM announced a financial assistance of Rs 6,400 crore for Mongolia but when it came to those who were manning the borders against enemies, there was so much of dilly-dallying.
Mankotia said the league would hold talks with various farmers bodies who too had become victims of the government apathy. “The slogan, Jai Jawan-Jai Kisan, will again resonate as we will join hands with the farmers who are the worst suffers in view of the land Acquisition Bill,” he said.

(Source-Tribune News Service)


  1. Hai Dear All Veterans, The time has come that we all have to get unite and take strong steps against the Govt policy on implementing the OROP.

  2. GIving 1 month time now and then the gherao on 15 Aug 2015 is something which is nor understood by me sir. Well a movement as stated can be chalked out in all states with a proper planning and coordination of all exsmn vtrns unions, which would be more effective and voice could yeild a fruitful result.

  3. dear sir,
    We are not in favor of strike , dharna or road blockade exercise, because we are from disciplined forces. we are keeping patience, they are playing with our patience. unless you protest vehemently the modi sarkar will not listen to us. see the version of defense minister OROP is complete will be implemented but he does not say the date. how ridiculous, because of modi all in service and ex service men have become demotivated and demoralised. the sarkar does not understand their snail pace. they have to heavy price for that. definitely any un desireable activity then only government will realize the condition is so worse when it erupts no body can contain it modi must be very sensitive the defense minister should not announce the implementation of OROP without date. it is very foolish thing

    1. Discipline doesn't mean to die without food. When u are hungry and about to die that time will u follow discipline.? If yes than u are a great fool. So before posting any comment plz think. At last i want to tell u tha u are a a culprit too.

  4. Govt is making fool of ex servicemen but they are not aware that the Faujis who can fight war with other countries then what this Modi sarkar is in front of them

  5. No other way. Let us start our protest. Tell the congress idots to keep all 9 holes shut and sit.