There has been an increase in displeasure among ex-servicemen on the delay in OROP's implementation, an election promise of the government.

Responding to growing criticism on the delay in the implementation of the One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated his commitment to it. He said the government was in “constant discussions” with the armed forces and was trying to arrive at a “please-all decision”.
“We are committed to OROP, but we are in consultation with defence personnel regarding the definition of OROP. Our government is here for five years, and we cannot do anything without consulting the people concerned. The dialogue is being actively pursued. There is no need to have any doubt on this,” Mr. Modi said in an interview toThe Tribune which was published on Saturday.
On the delay in the decision, Mr. Modi said that there were too many definitions going around yet, and the government was looking for a definition on which all “stakeholders agree”.
Stating that OROP was not a political programme for him, Mr. Modi said past governments had done nothing on the issue. Responding to questions from the Congress, he said, “Those who were part of then governments must realise they don't have the right to speak on this issue. They should be told this to their face."
There is increasing displeasure among ex-servicemen on the delay in implementation of OROP, an election promise of the government. OROP seeks to bring parity among personnel retiring with the same rank and same duration irrespective of when they retire.

(Source- Hindu)