Monday, May 11, 2015

OROP (One Rank One Pension)

It has been more than thirty years
When the veterans first voiced their fears
About the shabby treatment the soldier got
After every war that he had fought

The babu swiftly rose to create much tension
Whenever the veteran spoke about his pension
And influenced the course of every pay commission
To deny the fauji his due through many an omission

Pay and perks were drastically downgraded
Although the military might was often paraded
The political bosses, while with the soldier drank his rum
Slowly allowed themselves to come under the babu’s thumb

Pre elections from rooftops the netas did shout
That loyalty and honuor of the soldier was never in doubt
After elections his brain with amnesia was fraught
Promises forgotten, a bitter lesson to the soldier was taught

After many agitations and return of medals to the President
The leader awoke but the babu was still very hesitant
The leaders, MPs and government in a hurry OROP did grant
Telling the veteran he would get all that he did want

Change of government did raise the veteran’s hope
Little did he know the wily babu would tighten the rope
His scheming brain would whip up many an excuse
Giving the netas all the ammunition to refuse

On many an occasion the RM & PM did say
OROP our government is morally bound to pay
They said "to your members pan India do relay
We have the intent and no intention to delay"

The veterans’ fraternity refuses to take the bait
For three decades and more they have had to wait
RM's made a promise to issue the GoI letter by mid-May
PM & RM please don't betray our trust in you on this day!

Note: Babu=bureaucrat=an official who works by fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgment. (Oxford English Dictionary)

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  1. Its the fate of Soldiers in this country and a sort of fear towards Military Might by the buecracats ever since Jawahar Lal Nehru asked a question to then Army chief.. What is in the last drawer .then the chief replied.. It the action plan in case of a COUP.

    So the Civil administrator don't want the soldier to be rich more money more power. Soldier should always beg for his dues. The neighborhood Military is all powerful and the Babu wait for military to guide him. Such situations the Administrative cadres doesn't want in India.In nutshell it is the fear of a future Military take over and Buecracats are guiding politicians to keep Armed Forces away from the economic freedom thus denay OROP.

    Thomas Manimala
  2. Excellent poetry! This poetry should reach to Parliament in its both the house. The babus must be warned for their behavior towards the Armed Forces personnel.
    (source - Chibsky)


  1. Dear sir,
    Very good poetry, like solitary reaper who consoles heart by singing alone and laments herself, in the poetical way he has put his grievances to vent her anguish, injustice and subjugation comma oppression by the MODI MASTAN government. an english poet quotes a scene of young boy who was dismissed by his father without kissing, later on father visited his son for seeking his son's excuse , found all little toys purchased for his son have been neatly arranged to comfort his son's heart. please do not redirect this poetry to modi or parikar it is like playing melodious flute focusing into the ears of deaf and dumb who neither enjoys nor knows the feeling of an ex service men who has been cheated by BJP

  2. Thick skinned, shameless leaders -- without exception -- only need to be shown their own words they have spoken in the last one year -- Top priority, foregone conclusion, as per the agreed OROP definition and above all, the PM who had thumped his 56" chest to declare that he was destined to be the one to grant OROP. Unpardonable behavior of DM and PM. Why are the BJP Generals and Colonel ministers keeping mum -- afraid of loosing their ministership in the next shuffle.
    A suggestion to ESM fraternity -- stop talking to political leadership directly and talk to them thru supreme court only by taking forward the verdict in the case of General Vains where the Government was given three months expiring this month only to implement OROP. Learned well wishers of ESM and associations may deliberate on demonstration on 26th May at Jantar Mantar to let the nation know of the Great Betrayal.

  3. Dear Thomas Sir,

    Since long the defence personnel are begging only. I feel our Fauj also learn something from our neighbor and at least one Military Take over will be sufficient for teaching the lesson to these babus and Politicians. Than why not to go for that.

  4. Dear sir.i was detected to have primary hypertension in peace and thereafter posted to ci ops area in j&k. At rmb in 2014 for this disability I was granted 30% disability. My first appeal for disability has been rejected since it was detected initially in peace.
    There is a hon supreme court judgement which basically states that if the individual did not have the disability documented at entry then any disability at release/ retirement is deemed to have occurred in service.
    Will be grateful if someone could e-mail me a copy of this hon sc judgement so that u can encorporate it in my second appeal. The hon sc judgement was there in your blog but only part of the page could be scrolled and the link would go Off. Thankyou. Ok email it to