Thursday, May 7, 2015

OROP - Update & Trivia

Informed sources clarified today 5th May 2015 that Ministry of Finance (MoF) had sent the MoD/OROP file back to MoD for some clarifications.

The file has since been sent back after the necessary clarifications from MoD.

The confusion about the file being sent by MoF to CGDA appears to be misinterpretation of the what Defence Minister is reported to have said at the IFAs Conference at O/o CGDA a few days ago. The Defence Minister is reported to have told the assembled that all issues on OROP have been resolved and the Govt letter would be issued within a week or 10 days. 

Apologies for my putting down what I thought I had heard.

Now to the trivia. In the Finance Bill 2014-15, Budget Estimates (BE) for OROP was shown as Rs 1500 crores but in the Revised Estimates (RE), the amount was removed.

In Finance Bill 2015-16, against Demand No. 24 there is no mention of any amount towards OROP. 

Does this mean the Govt will, if it approves payment of OROP, compel the Armed Forces to surrender Rs 8300 crores (the latest estimate for OROP) from its Capital Budget mentioned in the Finance Bill to pay for OROP?

Does it mean one less Rafale or one less Div in the Mtn Corps or one less MiG-29 for the Vikramaditya?

Also, shocking news is that as per the latest Govt directive, prior IFA sanction is necessary even to spend Re 1/- (Yes, Rupee One only)!!!!

Achhe Din is Good days or Good Noise! 

(Source- Aerial view blog)


  1. Arun Jaitley making fool Indian Govt as well as Foreign investor also.

  2. Government has approved Rs 8,300 crores for OROP in the FY 2014-2015 defence budget and the scheme is reportedly under implementation. This will fulfill a long standing promise and would help reduce or negate surrender of funds in the current fiscal, which as per inside sources in end 2014 was estimated at about Rs 12,000 crores.

  3. If only Modi government was and continues to be sincere on OROP issue, PMO should have convened a meeting with MOD, MOF, CGDA and reps of ESM and clarified all the issues instead of continuing with sending the great file on Delhi Darshan.This only indicatess their intentions to keep playing games and befool the ESM.Such ways will only harm the Modi government even after notifying OROP unless this is done gracefully and given to ESM as a matter of their right,

  4. Govt is least interested in sanctioning OROP. They say it is on top priority but the fact is it is at the bottom. Else by now it should have implemented and everyone would have received the arrears.

  5. I am agree with your view if the top priority of orop than how 30 years wasted to implements the OROP

  6. Jai Lalita, Salman Khan, Raju Lingam and so many effected pers take dicision in five minutes and freed from tension to take orop because they are more important per than a army jawan

  7. Mr Arun Jaitly Phucha hua phakir hai jo bhavishya ke bare men sab kuch janta hai.

  8. Mr Jarnail Singh might have done a great job through his famous SHOE SHOW to Mr P Chidu, the them FM. I don't know what WORSE is waiting for Jaitley.