Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Dear All,

The long overdue and repeatedly promised announcement of the acceptance of OROP has not happened. Despite repeated assurances from the highest in the hierarchy both civilian and in uniform the ESM community has been left in the lurch once again. It seems that our voice has not been heard in the required quarters. Obviously we do not count in their scheme of things and are considered as a “Use & Throw” item. The aspirations and hopes of 28 lakh ESM & 6 Lakh widows have been dashed into the dust. Where do we go from here? 

Numerous letters, delegations, protests and deliberations over the last four decades have come to naught. The political class ably supported by the bureaucracy has quite adroitly stymied all our efforts to get our just dues. Perhaps it is a factor of our adherence to civility, discipline and decorum that has been misconstrued as subservience. It is time we got our act together and rose as one akin to the legendary phoenix to ensure that what is just has to be a must. 

It is the duty of the present lot of ESM leading the charge to take action for the sake of our predecessors and those who will follow us. History will never forgive us were we to fail to deliver at this juncture. 

In order to take this forward, culminating in a nationwide agitation, IESM is convening a meeting of all stake holder ESM organizations on Saturday 6th of June 2015 at 1100h at the committee room of DSOI Dhaula Kuan New Delhi. Ironically on the 71st Anniversary of D-Day.

Let us leave aside our differences real or perceived and get together to chalk out to finalise our plan to make the powers that be relent and yield to give justice to the one community that has held this nation together through thick and thin over the last 67 years at great cost in terms of lives lost, bodies maimed and families dismembered. We implore all organizations irrespective of rank, service or region to join by sending at least one if not two representatives to this conclave. Let 6/6/15 be our D-Day.

We look forward to your active participation. A line in confirmation will be greatly appreciated. Please mail your responses to the following id

by 03 Jun 2015 to allow us to make proper arrangements at the venue. Please also pass it on to other like minded ESM organizations not in the list of addressees.

VK Gandhi
Gp Capt 
Gen Secy IESM
For Chairman & all members of the Governing Body

(Source- via e-mail)

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  1. Dear Sir,
    please take some conceret step on orop issue such as leader of iesm can meet to our supreme commander of armed force ie president of india who has addressed the parliament in joint session in july 2014. Please remind him on the issue. If that is also not working out then please call immediate dharna at Jantar Mantar and that should only be called off after implementation of orop. Being a party worker I am not able to see this pity situation of esm