Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Dear all, seasons greetings.

I have heard the PM's speech at Mathura. Earlier to his speech, TV channel(TIMES NOW) was flashing about PM's likely announcement on OROP.But NOT A SINGLE WORD/SENTENCE/MENTION ABOUT OROP;though he mentioned about new pension, his pet schemes etc.
So the theatre of war is won by the babus once again.


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I jus fail to understand why so much abt OROP being announced in Mathura. That was political rally. He had jus inaugurated the Naval Cdrs Conf in the morning. If he had to announce that was the forum.

Further Parrikkar has made it very clear that it is going to take time. The first indication will be the acceptance by MoF n being forwarded to Cabinet Committee.

What we all shd be more concerned abt is the CONTENT of the decision.


PS - Jus think back even in Service a lot many decisions were not coming forthright. Same reason - something fishy 

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PM RM FM will giv us

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rascals are kicked out of power only to accommodate rogues in the seat

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Yes. Our politicians are not nice enough for gentleman protests and they do not know our powers. When we remove their--------- , they will come to know what we are. Are they making bloody fun of defence persons or what? we know who is playing bloody double game. bureh deen agaiya for BJP. India ko bachne wale ko bureh deen agaiya. Days are not too far away. Let us be united. 


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