Saturday, August 15, 2015


15/08/15 11:14:42:

I do not wear my medals anymore. 
They are too heavy to hold on to the
fabric of the cloth that covers my skin now.
I am no more in uniform. 

There is nothing uniform about uniforms. 
Freedom is not uniform either, neither is Independence. 

Without the uniform I sweated and bled in, 

my medals mean nothing, 
your uniformed goons can yank them off 
and kick me away out of your way, 
to celebrate your Independence Day. 

Yes, tell that fifty six incher chest joker

when he drives up the rampart, Sir, 
the route is safe and secured, cleared of all threats.

His fifty six inch chest cannot support a single medal I wear. 
But his antics will enthral the nation.
As for us, we are not stage actors,
you won't even permit us to have our own stage. 
Quietly we did your job, quietly we will protest,
quietly we shall fade away, as many did before us,
denied of our legitimate rights.

Did I use the word legitimate? 
Ha! How ridiculous to expect a code of conduct 

from those who thrive on misconduct. 

Happy Independence Day India
Enjoy your freedom. 
Our contributions were our duty.
We owe each other nothing.

Just that, don't sing songs or poems to entice new generations. 
Tell them the truth! 
That you will be asked to forsake your freedom to be in uniform. 
In return, you can wear your medals or sell them as scrap. 
After we are done with you, you shall return to being a
third class citizen of this mighty nation.


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