Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Today 65th day of Relay Hunger Strike, 33 Ex-servicemen sat on RHS at JM. Ex-servicemen had come from Gurdaspur Punjab, UP, Delhi and Haryana.  ESM from 14 states have so for participated in RHS. Two ESM were 85 years old.

Col Pushpinder Singh and Hav Major Singh entered third day of fast unto death. Their medical examination was done by a panel of doctors and medical condition of both ESM was found to be stable. Today third ESM Hav Ashok Kumar Chauhan has also started fast unto death. UFESM management again requested the three ESM on fast unto death to discontinue till 26 Aug 15. They were even requested that if the Government response on 26 Aug 15 would not be satisfactory, the UFESM advisory council would not stop them to resume their fast unto death. But they were determined and did not agree to UFESM advisory council’s request. All three ESMs are observing fast unto death on their own will and have not been pressurized or influenced in any way by any members present at JM.

Col Pushpinder Singh was posted at Bhuj during the devastating earth quake in Bhuj in 2001. He did a sterling job of rehabilitation of quake affected persons. His services were applauded by CM Sh Narendra Modi.

Gen Satbir Singh received a call from Commissioner Police to have a cup of tea with him at 10 AM but Gen Sathir Singh expressed regret as he was to attend another meeting in PMO.

Joint Commissioner of Police Mr Meena alongwith DCP Mr Vijay Kumar came to meet UFESM management at JM to understand the unfortunate incident of 14 Aug 15. Gen Satbir clearly told him that police force and the Enforcement Director of NDMC manhandled and misbehaved with the peaceful protesters at JM on 14 Aug 15. They manhandled a 82 year soldier and his shirt was torn in the scuffle. They were rude and their behavior was unbecoming of an officer and it was most unfortunate especially because they were dealing with ESM.

Mr Meena attempted to explain the limitation under which they operate but Gen Satbir Singh very clearly told him that this COAS has taken strong objection to this high handedness of ESM by police and NDMC.

Joint Commissioner Police Mr Meena expressed regret and promised that suitable action will be taken against the erring police personnel who had misbehaved with ESM.

Gen Satbir Singh received a phone call around 2200h on 17 Aug  from the COAS; he confirmed that it would be good if Gen Satbir Singh could meet special secretary to PM Mr Nripendra Misra for finding a solution to OROP. Gen Satbir Singh accepted the invitation to meet important member in PMO at 1000h on 18 Aug 15.

Gen Satbir Singh and Gen Balbir Singh met Mr Nripendra Misra at 1000h on 18 Aug 15. The discussions were cordial; Mr Nripendra Misra requested that it would be good if agitation at JM is closed at the earliest.

Gen Satbir and Gen Balbir clearly explained to Mr Misra that there has been no assurance from Government of India which will lead us to winding up of agitation. No official of GOI has established contact with ESM sitting at JM for their rightful demand of OROP. Even PM has not given any assurance in his Independence Day speech regarding fixing a date for issuance of OROP notification.

It was further explained to Mr Misra that if he or any responsible officer of PMO can confirm that there will be no change in definition of OROP, the date of implementation would remain as 1 Apr 2014 and the base year will also remain as 2013-14 means all past pensioners would be brought at par with pension as existed on 31 Mar 14. Further pension equalization will be done yearly to remove any discrepancies creeping in the pensions of past pensioners as compared to present pensioners as per the clause of all future enhancements will be automatically passed on to past pensioners.

Mr Misra was unable to give any such assurance however he indicated that the Govt is ceased of the issue of OROP and a decision on OROP would be taken soon.

Gen Satbir singh and Gen Balbir Singh confirmed to Mr Misra that in absence of any assurance from GOI it would not be possible for UFESM to wind up agitation at JM. However they told Mr Misra that in view of his assurance that GOI is ceased of the problem of OROP and will take a favorable decision soon; we will try our best to convince three ESM on fast unto death to withdraw atleast for few days; however there is no confirmation that they will agree as they were very agitated because of undue delay in issuance of notification and also high handed treatment of police on unarmed and disciplined ESM on morning of 14 Aug 15.

Gen Satbir Singh and Gen Balbir Singh asked Mr Misra that if GOI were serious about the interest of ESM, GOI would have initiated action on the two other promises made in manifesto of BJP viz martyrs memorial and establishment veterans’ commission to be chaired and manned by ESM.

Mr Misra was taken by surprise and immediately called Secretary MOD and asked to be briefed soon on both the issues. The meeting ended without any assurance from both sides.

Gen Satbir Singh and Gen Balbir Singh once again attempted to convince Col Pushpinder, Hav Major Singh and Hav Ashok Chauhan to withdraw from the fast unto death for few days but they refused to head to advise of Sainik Parliament.

88 year old Brig K K Kaul, F/o  media advisor , 98 year old lady,mother of Col Chopra and 92 year old mother of Col Pushpinder visited JM and blessed ESMs observing fast unto death.

A convoy from Noida consisting of 30 cars and more than 100 ESM came to JM to abhup the ESM on fast unto death and RHS.

Mrs Jagmati Sangwan Chairperson of all India women welfare association also expressed their solidarity with striking soldiers and wished that OROP will become realty soon.

Gen Ramnath also visited JM to boost morale of ESM. He was accompanied by his grandsons Zamir Abdullah and Zahid Abdullah. Zamir and Zahid are the great grandsons of Sheikh Abdullah.

Gen Ramnath also contributed for running the agitation. Zamir and Zahid were presented with OROP shirt and cap.

Col Wahi of Ex-Chairman of ONGC also visited JM to boost up the morale of striking ESM.

A letter of support from Mrs Brinda Karat was received in favor of OROP. Mrs Brinda Karat has also sent a letter to PM asking him to approve OROP at the earliest.

Agitation for OROP is getting support from unknown quarters; ten ex chief of staffs have written to PM deploring the action of police on unarmed and peaceful ESMs agitating at JM for their rightful demand of OROP. They have demanded stern action on misguided policemen and enforcement directorate officers who ordered this crackdown and man handled peacefully agitating ESM.

Col Inderjeet Singh has been visiting JM every day, despite his poor health, to cheer up the ESM on hunger strike.  His visit is great morale booster for the ESM observing RHS.

Col Anil Kaul, VrC
Media Advisor
 18 Aug 2015
(Source- -- Colonel  N K Balakrishnan ( Retd )," SINHGARH",Pulleppady,
Chittoor Road,Kochi-682018, Phone- ( 0484) 2380987 via e-mail)

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  1. The latest T V news dated 23 Aug 2015, showing an exclusive group of retired J C Os and Jawans has also erected a separate tent to launch an agitation in support of O R O P and other demands. It seems to be the idea of the govt to weaken the movement by dividing the rank and the file of ESM. It is unfortunate that these advisers of the Govt or the PM have not understood the ramification of such dangerous move. It is going to pollute the minds of the people in uniform This will affect the internal functioning of the services. If some thing like this happens in the services, these same advisers will wash away their hands and the accountability will fall on the shoulders of the commanders. These advisers who have succeeded in instigating and misguiding some of our veterans to sabotage the movement in favour of OROP are trying to create a win- win situation for themselves and a big embarrassment for the services as well as for the ESM community. We got to be wise and guard against such move . We are hopeful that the military leadership and our senior veterans who are spearheading the movement are aware of the nefarious design of the vested interests.