Saturday, August 15, 2015


            The Indian state represented by an assortment of netas, babus and cops is not India. They do not in any way represent the people of India. Never in our Independent history have the former been disconnected from our people than they are today.

            14 Aug 2015. A black day for Independent India. A small number of aged military veterans were roughed up by the Delhi cops at Jantar Mantar because they were seen as a ‘security threat’ to the Independence Day celebrations planned for the next day. The make-shift tents in which they were camping were ripped off and removed. An elderly veteran who was roughed up had his shirt torn off. Torn off because the cloth was old and had seen enough wear and tear. Army veterans can’t afford designer garments, you see. Not on their meager pensions.

            That was in Delhi. The Indian state showing its power to Military veterans. Power which has come from the blood and sweat of these very veterans who have sacrificed the prime of their lives and in many cases, their lives indeed to keep the Indian state independent.

            15 Aug 2015. My own colony 45 km South of Chennai. A small colony of just 400 houses called Vivekananda Nagar in Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu. The Association members invited me as their Chief Guest for the Flag Hoisting. They were very clear about one thing – when we have an Army officer living in our own colony, we will not have any policeman or babu or magistrate as Chief Guest ! After the event was over, I asked the residents why they chose an army man. They said, ‘Yours is the only organization in this country which is still doing its job, the only pillar of society still worthy of our respect and trust.’

            This, my countrymen, is India - the India for which men sacrifice everything. 


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  1. When our old veterans were roughed up by Delhi police what were our three chiefs doing ,they should have shown some guts n courage.