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The President of India
Supreme Commander of India's Armed Forces
Rashtrapati Bhavan
New Delhi


Respectful Greetings on Independence Day 2015, to the Supreme Commander of India's Armed Forces, from a Veteran soldier!

My greetings on this day, when we complete 68 years of freedom from British rule with police force, should have been nothing short of joyous, because we as a nation have come a long way. But today, along with my sincere greetings, I feel compelled to convey a sense of deep sadness, anguish and disappointment. Kindly give me the kindness of your attention regarding the reasons for my mixed feelings on this day.

I am one among the Veterans who have been demanding One-Rank-One-Pension (OROP), which is a decades-old demand. OROP has been agreed to by the Koshiyari Committee appointed by Parliament. OROP has been agreed to by India's Apex Court. And OROP has been agreed to by successive governments. That is, the legislative, the judiciary and the executive – the three pillars of our Constitution – have agreed to the concept and the justice of Veterans' demand for OROP. I need not go into the details, since you would be well aware of them especially during your tenure as Finance Minister.

But your government has been prevaricating on implementation of OROP, and Veterans, many aged well over 80-years, have had to finally resort  to satyagraha by sitting at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, where they have been engaging in a relay fast since the past 60 days, of course with permission taken from Delhi Police for an indefinite period.

What saddens and angers all Veterans all across India is that on the morning of yesterday August 14, 2015, the Delhi Police have manhandled and insulted many Veterans who peacefully resisted the demolition of the stage and shamianas. This is a disgusting display of police violence against the very soldiers who have defended the sovereignty and honour of our country, the very soldiers who have been continually called out over the decades in “aid of the civil power” to do what is very often a police job, due to the repeated failure of governance by the politician-bureaucrat-police combine.

You would surely be aware that the Veterans demonstrations all over the country and especially at New Delhi are being closely watched by serving personnel of India's Armed Forces, and yesterday's sad events were screened on prime-time television. Besides this the ether is buzzing with WhatsAp and SMS messages which convey the mood of the moment between Veterans and the serving soldiers, who will all be Veterans one day. This mood of sadness, disappointment and anger among Veterans and serving Armed Forces personnel is extremely dangerous for our country.

You would also be aware that a recent survey a report titled “Democracy in India: A Citizens’ Perspective”, brought out that:As in 2005, political parties were the least trusted political institutions, and the police the least trusted unelected institution. Trust in Parliament, while low, rose between 2005 and 2013, while the Army continued to be the most trusted institution. The civil service was perceived as the most corrupt, more so than local, State and Central governments“.

The events of yesterday morning bring out that the police (the least trusted institution) has physically attacked peaceful Veterans (the nations most trusted institution), on the orders of the political executive conveyed by the civil service (the most corrupt institution). This brings to mind the the rape of Draupadi in our Mahabharata epic. earnestly and very urgently appeal to you, as Supreme Commander of India's Armed Forces, to take definite and urgent steps in the best interest of our country, to contain the damage done to the image of the Armed Forces by:

# Bringing to book the authorities which ordered the crackdown on Veterans on 14 August 2015 at Jantar Mantar, and

# Advising your government that prevarication on OROP is directly against the safety and external and internal security of our country.

# Take all necessary steps as the Supreme Commander that you may deem necessary, in direct consultation with the three Service Chiefs, to maintain the dignity and morale of the soldiers, both serving and retired.

With respectful regards,

Sudhir Vombatkere
(Maj Gen S.G.Vombatkere (Retd))



  1. Honourable President of India!Plze realise the police action on peaceful agitation by the Veterans of OROP.They demanding their legitimate demand which was long pending issue by the both Govment.How the police roughshod on the deciplined Veterans.Thanks&Regards Esm R M nayak

  2. Veterans have written letters in blood to the president of India,no action taken by him.Dear sir you are knocking at the wrong door. He won't even look at your letter forget about taking any action.He was part of the system which denied OROP

  3. Yesterday Event a Jantar Mantar was repeat of Jalianwala where British Raj attacked innocent indians and killed them. Modi Raj acted like a British Raj and HM like general Dier. The peaceful demonstration is not a political movement which was proved by aging and old veterans when they did not allow Mr Rahul Gandhi to speak. All those who handled Indias security and independence became equivalent to anti national anti social??? PM must apologise to these veterans publically for shameful act of his police.

  4. The President of India.

    Please intervene and save the dignity of uniform, cause a corrupted department done handling with whom who is directly under your command.

    Thanking You

  5. Who said Draupadi was raped? Pl. read the epic again.

  6. Sir,
    I really appreciate your letter to the Supreme Commander but don't you agree that he is merely a figure head and helpless.

  7. To the best of my knowledge ( I may be wrong ) even as the Supreme commander of the Indian Armed Forces, he is bound by the advise of the union cabinet and has no executive power on his own except to invite dignitaries for high tea / dinner. PM has neither any intentions nor time to read the well meaning communication and President has no decision making power in such a case but enough time to read all communication. So .........

  8. Veterans dharma strong karnese Orop neeche utarke pakka milega