Monday, June 20, 2016

Appreciation of Ex-Servicemen under Indian Conditions

Its such a pity that we keep self patting ourselves and then find no one around.

Our PM visits Arlington Cemetery in USA and then goes on to address their joint session of senate proudly talking of the final sacrifice and nations obligation towards its men.

While in India we still languish for a National War Memorial and most maimed & disabled still fight their loan legal battles against the same government for their justified pay and pension.

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Dil behlane ke liye yey kahaniya aachhi hein ...

Aur kisi ki na sahi , ye aansu haamari aankho ko hi patthar kar de

(Source- Via e-mail from Ramapati Sahana Veteran)


  1. A day will come ,this "EXSERVICEMEN WELFARE"- blog will become a political platform,, like a other mazdoor union .

  2. Sir
    I understand the need of war memorial and the pride of our fraternity. The most important priority at present is the welfare of pbor and their re employment. Its a pity that many of our ex servicemen are living in a meagre pension and now working as a security guard in pvt buildings with a salary like 5 to 7K monthly. Earlier there were many employment opportunities as a security guard in PSUs and other govt sectors. But this opportunities are draining out fast for eg the largest bank like SBI which has given employment to our soldiers as a security guard has stopped recruitment a couple of years ago and started out sourcing. Nowa days many othet banks and other PSU even Railway also either stopped recruitment and started outsourcing or in the process of outsourcing. Its true that many of our brothers are getting employment but with meagre or paltry salary.PBORs with skill sets and good education are getting good jobs in govt and MNCs but a huge majority is having only skills of security position only.Of late i met a security guard in a nationalised bank ,who is a veteran and he told me that security guard in banks are placed below peon. Afer some enquiries i found it is true that an veteran joining as a security guard is placed below the peons in the bank.Finally I urge our community to take up these matters and we should pressurise the govt to stop outsourcing and in MNC also security position to be given to veteran with a decent pay.

  3. Dear ranganathsri, what is the shame to remain in political platform. It is late go ahead like this. We are bit late. manzoor union achieved lot. Even the present government untirely working out their dues in pay out expeditiously. Because they have called out strike. ARMED FORCES CANNOT CALL STRIKE FOR THEIR DUES ARE HELD UP.SHAME ON THE PART OF WHOM?