Friday, June 24, 2016


Dear Veterans,
This is in reference to my previous post on the subject and my mail to PCDA (Pensions) and DESW dated 24 May 2016, in which I have brought the errors in their knowledge, but no reply from them.
Finally today I have lodge an online complaint on pgportal vide reference number DOPPW/E/2016 /05880.
Complaint lodged and errors in table are attached herewith for the knowledge of all the veterans. I am sorry to state that we have to wait for another 7 months to file as case since date of One Man Commission on OROP has been extended till Dec 2016.
For the tables you all can understand how PCDA(P) has cheated us, even in the formula of (average of pension of Minimum & Maximum for a Rank, Same length of service & group )developed by them.

Rajeev Behal
Coordinator Punjab & Member Legal Cell
Voice of Ex-Servicemen Society Regd
9357172728 Whatsup


(Source- Voice of Pensioners society)


  1. Reference to OROP TABLE-7
    NAIK of Group-X gets more than Hav of Group-Y Similarly
    Hav of Group-X gets more than Naib Sub of Y Group

    This Anomaly is only in case of Hav and Nb Sub , where as all other POBR ranks gets more than of Group-X Lower ranks (Sub of group-Y gets more than Group-X Nb Sub and Sub Maj of Group-y gets more than Sub of Group-X).
    Thus pay of Hav & Nb Sub of Group-Y shall be protected as per Nk & Hav of Group-X respectively.

    BS Chhina,

  2. China sahab,
    Your observation is correct.This anamoly in case of Hav and Nb Sub of y group must be rectified immediately b,coz pcda can not humiliate a higher rank by paying lower than lower rank irrespective of groups.This is the mockery of orop
    This anamoly in particular has been conveyed to omjc by veterans(pbors)and we hope that justice Reddy to rectify this
    NS Chauhan air Veteran