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I just went through the experience of associating myself with couple of dedicated volunteers with the Pensioners' Camp conducted by Syndicate Bank for all Defense Pensioners on 6th & 7th Jun 2016 at Hyderabad/Secunderabad mainly to attend to cases of delayed payment of arrears. Syndicate Bank has publicised the event locally with hoardings and pamphlets.

Once Bank has communicated me the dates of the camp, I could communicate to all through various groups and also each district of AP & Telangana through Director, Sainik Welfare Board and Local AIr Force Association. Had discussion with couple of local ESM groups/organisations and briefed them on the main focus of proposed camp and requested for some support. I have received 10 cases by email from Kerala through Bihar and few NRIs. One veteran Col Amarnath Tummala from Arty has been dealing with such issues silently for families has been a great help in making this camp great success. 

Our team's experience during the conduct of this camp for two days has been that Pensioners indulge in writing long letters or lecturing the staff what should be done or should NOT be done ignoring submission of essential details required for taking action by PDAs/PCDAs/CDAs/Respective Administrative controlling authorities. Main problems experienced for delayed payment of arrears during camp are:

1. Non issue of corrigendums to PPOs by respective PCDAs/CDAs specifying Qualifying Service (QS) & Spouse name and Age for early retirees prior to digitisation of PPOs by Pension Controlling Authorities.

2. Nomination for Life Time Arrears.

3. Lack of original records with the pensioner and PDAs to authenticate essential information.
I understand that the Chairman of the Bank has directed the bank's Internal Ombudsman (Chief Customer Service Officer) from their Corporate HQ to be present during this camp to monitor and resolve as many cases as possible. Core team of CPPC from Manipal has come with all pensioners' pan India data to attend to cases pertaining to any Branch. CPPC staff have accepted any official document confirming Qualifying Service to settle cases and settled many cases.

In preparation for the camp, I prepared a simple format to be filled by each pensioner coming to the camp to resolve the issue as against the format suggested by the Bank and the format did help in settling anomalies/arrears issues online without much discussion/argument or loss of time by the CPPC team. About 200 pensioners utilised this opportunity and 95% cases have been settled by the CPPC staff and dues are credited to their account instantaneously handing them over dues drawn statement as on 01 Feb 2016 with a promise to credit the amount by the next day to individual accountsIt has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience to receive calls/emails from pensioners whose dues have been credited to their accounts as promised by the next day. 

One important necessity felt by the Bank Staff and volunteers who supported me is the involvement of few dedicated knowledgeable volunteers from ESM organisations in the station to help run such camps smoothly and successfully. Many pensioners just came as if they were going to Bank to verify their dues. Few knowledgeable volunteers screening them with details filled in the format and sending them in order of their registration having specific problem cases helped in resolving pending dues of deserving pensioners during the short time available. 

This format has been further modified after sitting with CPPC team and listening to pensioners for two days to make it a general format to serve as an individual and PDA checklist. Same format can be filled and sent to any office, PDA/PCA/respective CDAs/Record Offices or any other Administrative controlling authorities concerning pension related issues by filling necessary details only for redress. I have tried to  incorporate as many details essential and beneficial to the pensioner/PDA for ready reference. 

Please find two pages of the format prepared which could be printed on both sides of a single page.Those who wish to organise their pension particulars data on a single sheet may give a try. If considered suitable Directors of Sainik Welfare of states may get this translated to local languages for the benefit of the current and future pensioners. PDAs may look at this format and may make changes to the format if required to suit their functioning at CPPC and branches. I made this attempt considering that there are large number pensioners (Estimated to be nearly 25 Lacs) whose dues are to be paid for want of Corrigendums to PPOs by the respective PCDAs/CDAs.

Major advantages of using this format are:

1. Readily available reckoner/check list of all essential available data to the pensioner/PDA for immediate access without the need of searching for information on a single page printed on both sides.

2. Help in initiating action by the pensioner/PDA to complete actions necessary beneficial to pensioner/family or PDA.

3. Easy to fill online being in word format and submit to the respective authorities by email or normal mail for action filling essential information available/known to the respective authorities to redress any grievance related to Pension issues.

4. Provision to check and enclose documents available and necessary to attend to the issue by respective authorities.

5. Provision to acknowledge the complaint by the respective authorities and also respond by SMS or email or normal mail after settling the issue with their remarks.

I must place on record my sincere thanks to Brig Vidyasagar of TSEWA & Col Amarnath for your timely support and full involvement on both days helping veterans to get their dues.Thanks to Col Moghe for giving DVVGH volunteer for a day. Thank to Col Ramesh Kumar, Director Sainik Welfare Board,TS for your office involvement. Thanks to Wg Cdr T J Reddy for the support for the camp at Sainikpuri Branch and AFA at Begumpet Branch. Thanks to veteran Col KLK Prasad, Arty for the administrative support. Thanks to Brig Narinder Dhand & Brig Vijay Raheja for their online help.

Finally, our sincere gratitude to the Chairman and all Staff of Syndicate Bank for their initiative to conduct this camp. CPPC senior staff had come with their complete digitised data to attend to problems of any branch in India and successfully solved many old cases with positive attitude to resolve accepting any official document available with pensioners. Syndicate Bank is planning to conduct similar camp in Bangalore next week. CPPC is open to receive communication from any individual and take action immediately and their email address and address email Attention: Shri Kamath or Muralinath.   

PS: I am NOT a member of many ESM groups. Please feel free to circulate to as many groups/individuals as possible for information. There is NO copyright for this format and can be modified as one feels and used to serve their purpose. I am only sharing our experience for the common good of pensioners.

Col. K. P. Rao, (Retd.)
Sparrow's Nest, B-154, 3rd Main Rd, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad,TS, 500094.


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  1. A very genuine effort to solve the grivances of veterans no words to express the gratitude.If any such gathering is taken at solapur veterans from solapur would be obliged.