Saturday, June 11, 2016

ESM sitrep 11 Jun 2016 evening

Dear Colleagues,

          Over the last few weeks, there had been a flood of queries from veterans, mainly expressing apprehension that with OROP granted, we may be denied the benefit of the 7th Pay Commission. To get authentic clarification I met the Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley Jun 11. Summary of the points discussed ensues.

Koshyari Committee Report

          At the outset I emphasised that irrespective of whether the government has formally accepted the Koshyari Committee report or not (it has been earlier stated that the report is a mere recommendation from one of the several committees and has not been officially accepted), in the perception of the veterans, the correct OROP definition is what the Koshyari Committee has stated. Seen in that light any shortfall will keep rankling. 

Pay Commission vis-à-vis OROP

     On my expressing the widely rumoured apprehension that since we have just received OROP, we may be denied the Pay Commission benefits, the Minister clarified that there is no basis for such an apprehension.   The veterans WILL get the due benefit of the 7th Pay Commission and the grant of OROP will not affect it in any way.

OROP Anomalies

          I underscored the two major anomalies ie, re-fixation of pension on the maximum instead  of the average of maximum and minimum, and revision every year instead of five yearly as given in the Notification.  I further stressed that the expenditure involved in both may be just around Rs 3,500 Crore, which is not significantly large considering what has already been sanctioned. The government should agree to remove these two anomalies. He listened patiently but made no comment except saying "let us see". 

One-Man Judicial Committee

Although it was not said in clear terms,  the Minister's body language was suggestive of the One-Man judicial Committee being given additional time to complete its task.

More importantly, I asked what would be the government response in case the Committee makes recommendations that are pro-veterans vis-à-vis  the OROP anomalies, as we had presented to the Committee.   The Finance Minister was positive on the subject. He stated that as it is the government has given nearly 90% of the OROP as we pensioners interpret it. Whatever recommendations the Committee makes would form a very small percentage of the defence budget and the government would not be averse to accepting it.

Lt Gen Raj Kadyan (Retd)
Chairman IESM
262, Sector-17A
Gurgaon - 122 001

(Source- Via e-mail from Lt Gen Raj Kadyan (Retd)


  1. Is there any meaning in meeting a minister who is against OROP right from the beginning? As the FM he was forced by the RSS HIGH command to bend down a bit for the sake of state elections. The General is planting news for the government to further delay the justice to the veterans. Forget about the parity of the senior officers for the time being, at least the POBR/JCOs and their families must get a decent pension in terms of OROP.

  2. There is no reason for any flood water apprehension on orop and 7th pc. The majority of esm got only 50 to 300 rupees increase in their basic pension by means of orop (JCOs/OR). This is not at all a leadership quality of a retd gen officer.

  3. Thanks A M Manoharan sir for thinking +'ve for jco/ ors

  4. Govt with huge est of PR can as well issue press statements on these apprehensions of soldiers. In fact, they do when they need.
    Some veterans are fishing in troubled waters ?.
    How many chair men does this esm asso have ?.
    Visible lack of unanimity in veterans asso,unlike many other federation of employees asso ,is genesis and route cause of all these disparities ,delays and denials.
    These invidual veterans must settle their egos and unite for any meaningful dialogue or liasion with Govt.
    As veterans are watching the activitirs of these self styled reps, in the past ,they are causing immense damage to veterans interests.
    Naturally ,some individuals in Govt are exploiting.
    How does this veteran have ready and easy approach to FM ?Why not DM ?,when others are denied such meetings ? What sorts of private activity is this ? ..Why dint he raise issue of unusual & unacceptable delay in implementation of judicial orders on 50% pension to pre 2006 veterans at min pensionable service without the clause of 33 yrs ,as already implemented to all others in Govt service.?.
    Trust deficit !.all sorts of games & rumours.

  5. Gen Sab should not been met FM to
    Clarify whether OROP implementation deny Benifit of 7pC. A layman knows every rupee increased should fetch 2.57 increase in present basic pension
    once 7cpc implemented as recommended by CPC.

  6. Selfish attitude of the senior officers has resulted in this outcome of orop for the jcos/or. They got lion's share, why worry for others!!!!
    All drama to mislead the esm

  7. Selfish attitude of the senior officers has resulted in this outcome of orop for the jcos/or. They got lion's share, why worry for others!!!!
    All drama to mislead the esm

  8. Couldn't decipher any meaningful outcome stated in the blog.
    Apart from his dubious and divisive role, we see this another attempt of a beggar with begging bowl lowering the prestige of veterans.

  9. Thank you Manohar sir for taking up PBOR/jcos problems

  10. Sgt YR Singh veteranJune 13, 2016 at 3:57 PM

    It appears that some of the senior officers are playing a selfish game. If they are planning to join some political arena who is preventing them? Let them go. Why they are playing with the veterans for their selfish goal.

  11. GEN KADIAN SAHIB NEVER PROVED virtuous to his statement and can not be trusted now as he betrayed the cause of UESM FOR SELFISH motive.

  12. In our well justified fight for parity with the civil services and restoration of the fauji izzat, we need to place more focus on getting our retired jawans and jco's their due. A vast majority of these veterans are finding it difficult to fend for themselves and their young children in the meagre pension they get, with just no other source of income. In service they have been the backbone of our great organisation and now is the time when we have to take up their cause with much more force. Vateran Gp Capt V Dayal

  13. GEN.kADYAN WAS dismissed from the IESM.There are many blacks heeps like him,in the veterans of armed forces.
    They should be identified and exposed.On what capacity he met FM? Who had authorised him on behalf of the veterans?