Monday, June 6, 2016

Some updates: (1) 33 years rule, and, (2) An interview link

SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2016

Removal of 33 years’ condition for grant of full pension:

Many letters have been floated lamenting the delay by the Ministry of Defence in issuing orders for removal of the 33 years’ condition for grant of full pension that has already been issued for civilian pensioners as informed on this blog in April 2016. Many have also expressed dissatisfaction at the time being taken by the MoD and some mails have also been pretty alarmist in nature. On this, I would request you to kindly be patient. The issuance of the letter is underway and the delay was quite expected since unlike the civil side, defence pensionary modalities are quite complicated and involve the preparation of many tables using different formulae and which would have to be appended to the said letter. Also, the system of calculation of pension is different for Commissioned Officers (calculated at minimum of Pay Band) than for ranks other than Commissioned Officers (calculated at notional maximum) and hence adequate protection clauses would have to be introduced. A protection clause for OROP also needs to be incorporated. A little patience is required since the delay is not of much significance since arrears anyway have to flow from 01 January 2006.

An interview published at Bar & Bench:

My interview @ Bar & Bench was published recently and can be accessed by clicking here.

Thank You, and sorry for the long gap :) 

(Source : Maj Navdeep Singh Indian Mil Benefits blog)


  1. Sir u r the only gem we trust upon being genuine & reliable to apprise the factual status of informations.other bloggers only
    Beat about the bushes.we wish all the best.thanks
    Sub Raghbir Singh Id,

  2. It is good some persons are giving information on th
    e issue.The big Q is why does not ,MOD issue a press statement .Delay of so long a time coupled with silence by dealing and designated persons is the point ;more so since it always happens with legitimate dues of soldiers.
    Naturally ,accountability has to be invoked ! ,with demand for compensation of interest for delay ,as paid out to other civil services.
    Military service has to be given at least at same speed ,as civil service

  3. maj sahib

    we must have some patience, a lot work has to be done to implement the delinking of 33 years of services, putting an end to prorated pension calculation. it needs compilation of records, let us wait for a few days

  4. My benign request to Maj Navdeep Singh to answer my query..
    Sir, I am a re-employed pensioner having completed 18 years 9 months in a PSU Bank and retired on superannuation in 30 Apr 2016. I was paid retirement benefits of considering 33 years for 50% of pension. My last notional Basic pay was Rs 49300/-.They have calculated my prorata basic pension as Rs 14192.42 - commutation Rs 4730 and basic pension after commutation so arrived as Rs 9462.42 and DA @42.6% bringing a total pension of Rs 15,508/-. It means I am getting a pension of Rs 15,508 for a last average 10 months basic pay of Rs 49,300, I was retired as Dy Mgr and a clerk is drawing pension more than me with less notional pay, Kindly advise me the forum to take up my case to get 50 % of pension and kindly advise me sir,,
    Ravindranath B Ex-JWO Mob 09447264834.

  5. Thanks for the update Maj Navdeep Singh. Appreciate it.