Friday, June 10, 2016

PM Narendra Modi - be proud of him

Some facts about PM Narendra Modi's address to the joint session of US parliament.

1 When he came to the podium there was clapping for 3 min 48 sec.

2. During the speech there was clapping 72 times

3. There were 9 standing ovations.

4. The speech lasted 46 min.

5. When he finished the clapping continued for 6 min 52 sec.

6. He made the audiance laugh 8 times durinf the speech.

7. 43 senators took his autograph.

8. The speech was completely extempore. He never consulted a note or fumbled or had an awkward pause. 

        He is the first world leader to have ever received such an ovation and respect fro the US parliament. He has raised India's stature in the world. Kudos to him. India is lucky to have him as PM>

Major General Ashok Coomar

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  1. Joe bolthey hain woe nahi kartey hain

  2. Has this blog became a political blog. Praising someone and criticizing other one

  3. We are proud to have such a prime minister "NARENDRA MODI" in our country.