Wednesday, June 29, 2016


MoD notifies all headquarters, ex-civilians welcome move 

Retired defence civilians to have canteen facilities
Former defence civilians will be authorised to get groceries, but not liquor. PIC FOR REPRESENTATIONAL PURPOSES
Even as the Ministry of Defence (MoD) struggles to resolve the long-pending one rank one pension (OROP) issue, there is good news for around 3.70 lakh retired defence civilians in the country. The MoD has finally agreed to extend Canteen Stores Department (CSD) facilities to former defence civilians, which they earlier had to forego after retiring. The integrated headquarters of MoD (Army) has shot off a notice in this regard to all headquarters, including seven army commands in the country. The issue has been under consideration for many years. 

According to the notice, retired employees from the Defence Audit Department, Executive Officer Cantonment Board, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd personnel retired from Air Force Station Hyderabad, Jorhat, Air Force Academy, Dundigal (Hyderabad) and Air Force Station Yelahanka (Bangalore), Indian Defence Accounts Services, Secretariat Border Roads Development Board and HQ Director General Roads, retired employees of CSD and Military Engineering Services (MES) employees will be able to avail of the CSD facility. 

"They will be entitled only to groceries. No liquor will be authorised," the notice mentions. + Though defence civilians are central government employees, paid out of the defence estimate and part of the MoD, they do not come under the purview of the Armed Forces Act. 

An army source said, "They are primarily governed by central government employment rules as applicable to employees of other ministries. They are employed at administrative and technical posts in various defence establishments, including service HQ, defence accounts, MES, ordnance factories, defence estates, etc." 

Welcoming the move, a senior official from HAL Bangalore, requesting anonymity, told Mirror, "It is good news for us as one's source of income is limited after retirement. Even getting groceries is a big leap." "Each concerned department should appoint an officer authorised to countersign and promulgate orders and forward details to the Quartermaster General's branch," the notice mentioned. 

The sale of four-wheelers through CSD for defence civilians is, however, restricted to officers. "Defence civilians also enjoy several other benefits and perks applicable to armed forces personnel while posted in field and hard areas," a source informed.

(Source- Pune Mirror)


  1. my father was civilian in defence he is no more can i get benefits of this FACILITIES if yes how?

  2. Crores lost as touts misuse Army canteen smartcards
    It astonishes me hearing from some dumb witted or superficial experts who have no knowledge and extreme hardship that a defence person has to undergo. The facility of this canteen and with some tax benefits have been instituted by the British , who understood the value of the sacrifice and service conditions. Just debate with self .... “which civilian has to undergo following” :-
    1. Separated forced family stay where his family need some basic amenities and financial amelioration in absence of male member in the immediate vicinity
    2. The very Jawan and Officers alike need the service again in a cantonment / garrison mostly situated away from the city / market area.
    3. While a defence / para-military person spends his two third life in detached and away from main towns/ civilisation, thus not able to derive the benefits of Supermarkets / Bigbazars to concessional purchases, how many of the rest undergo the same financial hardship.
    4. While a normal city and town dwellers get every opportunity to build & protect their fixed and movable assets , improve on their educational and personal skill sets and help family in daily upbringing cum child educations cum psychological development, the retired / veterans finds self suddenly at the age between 38 to 52 stripped of this bread earning job and the basic financial security.
    5. Shamefully the local populace and those connected with working in defence area used their union , bureaucratic and political clout to obtain this smartcard facility and waking away with loads of purchase to be sold in open markets. Surely some Jawans too are guilty of selling the liquor bottles in open market.

    Shamelessly this self appointed intelligentsia goes on to banter .. “who called you to join the Fauj” but want the same facility now apportioned to them.