Wednesday, June 1, 2016


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Dear Friends,

We at SALUTE are pleased to send you the e-version of our April-May 2016 issue of SALUTE Magazine. It can be accessed at 

Do open the link and click on the version of the magazine you would like to read... pdf or e-magazine. For single articles, open the quick format and click on the article of your choice.

As mentioned in my last letter, we shall regularly mail you our emag free of cost. We also aim to send this to all veterans across India. Your feedback is welcome and may be sent to the editor.

The April May 2016 issue contains the following articles:

Page 4. Editorial - Stem the Rot Within
Page 5 Letters to the Editor
Page 6-9 - Operation CACTUS (The Maldives Operation)
Page 10-13 Military Intervention, Present Capabilities, Future Requirements
Page 14-17 Out of Area Contingencies - Need to fine tune Response
Page 18-19  NFFU - A case of the Tail Wagging the dog.
Page 20-21 Climate Change
Page 22-25 - Point Counterpoint - Women in Militaries
Page 26, 27 - Fond Remembrances of an Iconic Supreme Commander
Page 28-31 - Motivation - Lamb Calling Hawk…Over.
Page 32 - Opinion - Sagarmala Project: Need for National Maritime Authority
Page 33 - Raisina Hill
Page 34, 35 Defence News
Page 36, 37 Veterans Alert
Page 38,39 Book Reviews
Page 40 Leisure - Cookery - A great desi dish
Page 41- Travel - A trek to the end of the Mountain
Page 42 - Maroof’s Musing - To modernise, we must widen our choices.

With best wishes. Happy Reading.

Maj Gen Dhruv C Katoch


Our mailing address is:
SALUTE INDIA C/O Flags Media PVT. Ltd.
A 47 Hauz Khas (LGF),
New Delhi 110001

(SOURCE - VIA E-MAIL FROM Wg Cdr CK Sharma, Treasurer, UFESM/IESM)

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