Wednesday, August 31, 2016

7th Pay Commission: No revised pay yet for military personnel - The Hindu

The 7th Pay Commission recommendations will be reflected in this month’s salary for central government employees that would be remitted on Wednesday, but not for the military personnel.

According to military sources, their new salaries are yet to be notified as the notification implementing the Seventh Pay Commission has not yet been issued by the Defence Ministry.

This is because the three service chiefs have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar seeking their intervention to fix the anomalies expressed by the military which remain unaddressed despite several representations to the empowered committee and assurances from Mr. Parrikar.

The key demands of the services include Non Functional Upgrade, NFU pay fixation, Military Service Pay (MSP) and common pay matrix for civil and military.

(Source- The Hindu )


  1. The 7 CPC recommendations have not been reflected in August salary for the Serving military personnel as the COSC has written to PM and DM. It is perfectly fine. But why hold back implementation, on Pension too ? Most of the pensioners' days are numbered. This indefinite delay is quite painful for them who may not afford to just wait and wait.

  2. Penssioner को इसमें कोई फ़ायदा तो नहीं नजर आता फिर भुगतान लटकाने से क्या?

  3. The concenrnd authorities, whether civil beaurocrates or any body else, must wake up and understand that any more delay in implementation of Revised Pension is intolerable and has a demoralising effect on enire defence services, therefore do the needful forthwith. Contact Nos. 9867128644.....022 26338066.

  4. Will you wake up and pay Revised pension and its arrears when ex service men start committing suicide on this issue and media houses will take credit of this sort of Breaking news.

  5. jike sahare desh sota hai unke liye desh
    ne kya diya hai kya deta hai