Monday, August 22, 2016

Is working in the Indian Army over-hyped? A grand salute to Indian Army. - By Kunal Mulay

I just want to share a story of mine which completely changed my perception regarding Indian Army.

So this was 27th June 2014, I was returning from my dream tour from Leh to Manali. Just 25 km ahead of an army camp, my motorcycle skid and I fell down. Since my friend was sleepy, he rode at more speed. I was not in a condition to pick my motorbike and ride again. I was just lying there with bike on my leg for about 10-15 mins. I could not find a single vehicle crossing me, then somehow I was able to remove my leg from bike and rode to reach last stop for the day, Where I met my friend and I thought to check out how much injury I got (I was not expecting much, as I was able to ride for about 25 km). If I remember right I was wearing  5-6 layers of clothes, to my surprise my lower was completely in blood below my knee (Yes, I was riding without knee guard). I can see my knee bone, and all the flesh was coming out, it suddenly became intolerable for me. We decided to go to a nearest army camp to seek medical facility. 

When we entered the medical facility, I found lot of civilians, few were suffering from AMS, some were drunk and can not breath and few with vomiting problems. And here I was at this condition wondering if that was a medical facility for Army or civilians. So the doctor at the moment was not available, he went for an evening walk but an assistant was available. After couple of injections they decided to operate my knee to stitch it. After stitching, for couple of hours I was lying there, doctor came to me and asked if I have any accommodation outside, as civilians are not allowed to stay in the night. Still looking at my condition he spoke to his seniors and asked me to stay at the facility. We just kept all our bags in a tent before reaching army camp. So one of the person from army camp went with a four wheeler and brought my bags. By that time the effect of anesthesia was slowly started reducing and I started to feel immense pain, as there was nothing to support the knee, even a small bend was causing pain. Doctor then asked his assistant to get a rod or wood-stick to support. When he was not able to find one, he removed handle from chair and used it as support. The best food of the journey I had was in the same army camp, I was tired of eating Maggie daily. Before sleeping I just went to the wash room, and found the assistant was sleeping on the floor in a bedding, later we came to know that the cot on which I was sleeping was his place. I was completely filled with guilt at that time. 

I was wondering how much mental stability these people would be having. I some times get jealous, when I see people who were not good at any thing sitting in the US and enjoying life. But these people without money, without proper access dedicate their life to our nation. 

Later next day, the army person who was standing near the toll stopped a truck, bargained with driver, gave me some dry fruits to eat and some 5-6 people helped us to keep our bikes in the truck. I was impressed by each and every member of the army camp I met. And what did they all got in return is nothing. They would have forgot me, because for them its a daily routine. But for me, each moment spent at the army camp is engraved in the memory.  Even If they don't allow civilians then also no one can say anything to them, because its anyway not their job to give medication to civilians, still they do it.

Every Ladakh bike rider has a story to tell with regards to their experience with army people, till now I have not heard a single negative story. A grand salute to Indian Army.

(Source- via e-mail from Raghavan Yr, Vet)


  1. It is nice that you still reminiscent of the pleasant memories of those times. The Armed Forces are duty bound for the Nation both in peace and war.

  2. Ask the babus specially ones in Delhi ... I am sure this writes ears and books will get filled with all the negative stories he is looking for.
    Thanks a ton for his posting and acknowledgement.

    1. Warmest salutation to Munal Mulay for publishing such an article/memory right this moment where continuous down graduation of Armd Forces are going on by babus, officials, politicians And even PM of the country as well.Shame very shame.Satyam Eva Jayate.

    2. In Modi's India Jhoota meva Jayate

  3. karunakaran a ex havildarAugust 22, 2016 at 6:02 PM

    bada bahai

    please forward this article to mr MODI and Jaitley

  4. Actually the Army should thank Kunal. How many indians care to spend a few seconds to acknowledge good work done by forces? But plenty of time to throw brickbats, Ha Ha...