Thursday, August 25, 2016


Dear Veterans,

I had attended, as a silent spectator, *Justice Reddy's Meeting of ESM reps in Chennai on 23 Aug2016, held in conf Hall of Dakshin Bharat Area HQ from 11AM onward*!

Secy of AFVOA, Col Bhupinder began with a perfect intro, reminiscent of a Staff College presentation.

Col C T Arasu of TNESL, made a forceful, pt by pt presentation, in an absolutely precise manner W/O beating around the bush! It was apparent he had made perfect, research like preparations!

Thereafter Col Krishnan took the floor and covered the Pts in detail systematically.

A number of JCO/OR Veterans mostly from IAF & IN too spoke! Beauty was that each were able to encapsulate their arguments & present them in max 5 min!

*The beauty of the meeting was that in the nearly 2 hrs non stop presentation, except for 20 min tea break, by various personalities.

Justice Reddy Sat absolutely silent but with intense concentration! In between, he might have asked, may be, 4 or 5 clarifications!*

On my part, during Tea break, I managed to be alone with the Justice for a while. *When I told him that the Father of present Army Chief & Father of the L/Nk at the entrance gate were ESM and that an unhappy ESM at home and the sure knowledge that he is tomorrow's Un-happy ESM, will make for a highly demotivated Serving Soldiery, Justice Reddy ack gravely!*
You will be happy to hear Justice Reddy's concluding comments. 

Quote:-*"Instead of calling you to N Delhi and making you spend, I thought it will be better served for me to come to you! I am glad I did this. 

With the First Public meeting in the North, which was chaotic & a shouting match, I am happy to see that progressively the meetings were more & more orderly*and* *this Chennai Meet has been the most productive and orderly! I am satisfied I have achieved clarity on a lot of points*.

*You have made the presentation perfectly. I assure you, from my side I will do the best I can!*" ...I Un-Quote

*Conclusion* :

I have stated the above Not exactly Verbatim but *the essence is UNDILUTED*!

*Lt Col KVC Nair*

(Source- Via e-mail from Lt Col KV Chandrasekharan Nair, Vet)


  1. As a veteran I am happy that all the anomalies are projected to Justice Reddy in a precise and systematic way at the Chennai meet. Let us hope that he will give reasonably favourable recommendations to the GOI. Only lacuna is that the GOI may reject his recommendations as the babudom with a negative attitude is the final authority in this matter. If we fail here, then the final resort is the SC.

  2. ESM neither expect nor need to receive any out of the way favours from Justice Reddy's one man commission but do hope that its recommendations will be just and fair, nothing more - nothing less. Ye bhi dekh lete hain !!

  3. We have only one resort as mentioned by Manohar Sir,All these judges can't give justice till there is babudom.Only SC can.....

  4. Now the implementing autbority may needless to use the word discusion with stakeholders. As much as good suggestion and framing method of pension tables have been given by the chenai team.

  5. karunakaran a ex havildarAugust 26, 2016 at 4:20 PM

    It is delaying tactics so that matter can be settled at its own way, we should not expect all recommendations are to be accepted and implemented in our favour , the only forum is SC, let us hope

  6. Greatful presentations. I & my family salutue you sirs

  7. Ex-Judge Reddy's anomalies committee is a way for d Guv to declare instituting another another committee/CSC for pushing d anomaly subject till d beginning of 2019! Moreover, most of d anomalies/ issues bfore d OMJC r hardly of any significance for d normal jco/or veterans. Key concerns of jco/or have been cunningly played down by MoD for want of rigid stand by our services commanders. D guv , always plan to enforce a divide nd rule policy within d forces lollypoping d afs top brasses. A natural nd behavioural bond between officers nd other ranks is generally viewed as non-desired aspect of neta-babu governance for their own safety nd supremacy! Let me substantiate my opinion as follows: In civil,most cl-3 employees ends up in cl-1 after 20-30 yrs of service nd retire wd cl-1 benefit. A dip engr after 20 yrs of service finds himself as asst engr and generally retire as executive engr. In d afs a jco even after 33 yrs of service retire far below a lieutenant in pay and pension. This is bcoz of d austere disciplinary domain that a jawan is pushed to d edge in his service life! This is only one..There r many vital issues concerning JCO / or. Military top brasses carry along biased attitude whenever issues of jawans come before them! Jawans must learn to support selves and walk tall in society as veterans!