Friday, August 19, 2016

Interaction with Justice Reddy Committee at Delhi on 19 Aug 2016

Dear Members

As per plan of Justice Reddy, today on 19 Aug, ESM interacted with Justice Reddy at 105 TA Battalion auditorium. The meeting was attended by more than 10 organisations. These were DIWAVE, UFESM, IESM AIEWA, IESL, AFA, NAVAL FOUNDATION, WAR WOUNDED ORGANISATION, JCOs AND ORs LEAGUE, VOICE FOR ESM, NEXCC, AIVWA  and many more organisations and of course JM was represented in large number . There were more than 150 ESM of three services. 

The meeting started at 1100h and finished at 1500h. Justice Reddy was assisted by members of pay cell of three services. 

Many ESM expressed their views, following were main speakers who mostly concentrated on anomalies of OROP.
  1. Col Handa of Diwave
  2. Maj Gen Satbir Singh UFESM
  3. Col Inderjit Singh UFESM and AIEWA
  4. Lt Gen Balbir Singh IESL
  5. Wg Cdr Vinod Nebb War wounded association and JM
  6. Brig JS Sandhu  JM 
  7. Sgt VS Misra  NEXCC
  8. Sub Sidhu      AIVWA
  9. Sep Sheoran
  10. M/s Sudesh  JM 
All organisations gave their points and each point was stressed by all organisation. There was complete unity on these points. Some ESM wanted to raise issues which were beyond the purview of the committee, Justice Reddy stopped discussion on these points. The main issues which were discussed and accepted by Justice Reddy are given below
  1. It was very strongly explained that the definition of OROP given to Justice Reddy by the Govt is not the approved definition which has been accepted by Govt in their executive letter dated 26 Feb 2014 and also accepted by NDA Govt in Rajya Sabha on 2 Nov 2014.  
  2. Govt letter dated 7 Nov 15 has fixed pensions of past pensioners on the base year of 2013 where as it should be on the base year of 2014.
  3. Govt letter dated 7 Nov 15 has fixed pensions of past pensioners on the average of max and min pensions of 2013 whereas it should be as per  highest pension of 2014.
  4. Govt letter dated 7 Nov 15 has fixed pensions of past pensioners has started from 1 July 2014 whereas it should be w.e.f. 1 Apr 2014
  5. Govt letter dated 7 Nov 15 has fixed equalization of past pensions at a frequency of every five years whereas it should be every year. Software programs are available to calculate this on press of a key. 
  6. All Hony ranks be given pension of their rank this has been denied to JCOs even after HSC has ruled in their favor.
  7. Pension of widows should not be reduced and she should be paid full pay as  pension till the age of  60 years. 
  8. All Majors ( numbering only 900)  be given pension of Lt Col as officers are not retiring as Majors any more and moreover officers are getting promotion as Lt Col in 11 to 13 years now. 
  9. All Lt col be given pension of Min of Col. 
  10. All pensions be brought to the level of 31 Dec 2015 before applying multiplication factor of 2.57 for calculating basic pay for 7 CPC.
  11. Pensions of regular Lt and Capt be suitably standardized as tables are giving them pension less than hon ranks. 
  12. Tables of OROP need to be corrected as there are many mistakes in them. 
  13. There are many cases in OROP tables where pension of past pensioner of senior rank soldier/JCO/Officers has been fixed lesser than junior rank soldier/JCO/Officer retiring in 2014,2015,2016. This anomaly is against essence of OROP.
  14. It was impressed upon Justice Reddy that our widows are living in penury and whatever corrections are recommended they should first take care of widows, soldiers, JCOs and then officers. 
  15. It was impressed upon Justice Reddy that award of OROP is a concept in perpetuity and cannot be permitted to be tinkered by the Govt. 

Justice Reddy paid full attention to all the points and asked pointed questions to understand the issuest and its implications vividly. Justice Reddy was very receptive and heard ESM with rapt attention. However he firmly rejected the issues which were not in his purview as per terms of reference given to him by the Govt. 

Maj Gen Satbir Singh thanked Justice Reddy for listening to the grievances of ESM with rapt attention. 

Similar points were given by ESM at Chandigarh, these points are enclosed for information of all. 

It is suggested that ESM may please take a note of these points and present it to Justice Reddy during his interaction with ESM in your city. 

Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM

OROP is our right. Dilution in OROP will NOT be accepted.


(Source- Via Gp e-mail from Gp Capt VK Gandhi (Retd)


  1. If Justice gives Justice to DF, will the Govt of the day implement it, I wonder

  2. I am surprised to see that no one has taken up the case of anomalies in the OROP Tables for TA Pers despite the fact that the event was organised in a TA bn. Different set of Pension Tables are made for TA Pers although they are having the same pay scales and weightage factor has been done away with wef 01-01-2006. As a result all TA pers retired prior to 01-01-2006 are still drawing much less pension than those retired after 01-01-2006 with same length of service. When compared to Regular pers their pension is almsot 40% to 50% less. I dont understand the justification and rationale behind this. Top of it nobody has pointed out this anomaly.