Wednesday, August 24, 2016



Fine. Wars waged to gain control on some territory for its wealth (natural resources etc). But why our sodiers are fighting for in Kashmir?

It would be interesting to know the total expenditure involved in managing the state for the last 70 years. And how many died? Military/Police and Civilians.

But what is the gain? In terms of wealth or other strategic route for import/export. It's mountains are snowcapped and treacherous area.

The leadership should re-think and put an end to the problem once and for all.



  1. Kashmir problem can only be solved by simla agreement as per UN resolution .There are thrre conditions before plebestice
    1. Pakistan has to demilitarise the entire zone
    2. India too had to downsize their military and keep the force only for defending the territory and maintaining the law order.
    3. After this two process is completed then only the plebestice will take place.
    Now coming to the ground reality that the people of kashmir has two options either choose pakistan or India. Presently they want independent kashmir which is against the agreement in the past during the acquisition of princely state .
    Given the choice, Pakistan knew that the people will opt for India. Every one knows that pakistan is a failure state in all spheres and india is a emerging tiger and going to be a super power very soon. Presently pakistan is on a begging spree to sustain its economy and being labelled as a terrorist state.
    This is the reason why pakistan doesn't take the initiative first.They are waiting an opportunity to de stabilise India and its economy which is non practical.
    So pakistan has changed the tactics and supporting certain elements to keep the protest go on and keeping thr the issue alive.
    How we can counter it. I feel we should also adopt a strong propoganda and use all our means to execute it. We should emphasis on the comparison between two countries and high light the difference in development indices of POK and JK.
    When we are far ahead in all the development indices in comparison with pakistan then let the people of kashmir be aware of these
    By creating awareness among the people of kashmir we can end this struggle.

  2. Its right that whoever had some close picture of the state of Kashmir, know for sure that Kashmir turmoil is the creation of disgruntled section of society, prompted by the foolish and dark concept of religions, who propagate the safety of only a certain section. And take islam for authenticity; as for the safety of humanity, the threat has always been of the religious fanatics, and war and internal unrest is only second to religion in perpetrating hatred. Its high time that we consider the expenses incur on maintaining the prestige of possession of Kashmir. But we should be prepared to face situations similar to the Palestine imbroglio..Making mass employment of Kashmiri youth for the defense of Kashmir is a propitious option.. have to start in this direction... Like to know what our veterans contemplate !

    1. How long you will hold pebbles,in basket?