Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Are there any things which only an Indian can do? Nallavan. Achcha aadmi. Niceman - By Sudarshan Rajagopalan

The bus is crowded. Do I let it pass and wait for another bus? No. I somehow squeeze myself in.

The share auto is full. Do I wait for the next one? No. I sit next to the driver.
I pack my bag for a trip. There doesn't seem to be enough space for all clothes. Do I pack one more bag? No. I stuff all clothes in one bag.
I go to the railway station. My train isn't starting in another half an hour. All the chairs are occupied. Do I stand? No. I spread a cloth/newspaper on the floor and sit on it.
I go to a shady bar and ask for Budweiser. It isn't available. I ask for Kingfisher. Not available either. Do I leave the bar? No. I drink the only beer available - Knockout.
While I am drinking that Knockout in that shady bar, I spot a TV. I ask the bartender, "Can you please play some sports channel?". He replies, "There are only Kannada channels". I say, "Fine. I am ready to watch anything. Bring it on". The protagonist is wearing a pink pant and a black shirt with white spots. In the name of dance he is doing pelvic thrusts in the general direction of the actress. My eyes are already half-blinded. Do I stop watching? No. I carry on watching.
It's time for dinner and I am so hungry. "Mom. Biryani!!", I demand. She places a plate of Upma on the table and proceeds to watch her TV Serial. I throw a fit. I rebel. I throw tantrums. Mom is not having any of it. 
Do I starve? Hell no. I shove the upma down my throat while I wipe my tears.
We Indians are masters in adjusting. If adjusting was an Olympic sport, Indians would win Gold, Silver and Bronze.
(Source- Quora Digest)

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