Thursday, August 11, 2016


Those who have concern for the nation may read; others can just trash it

NDTV, We the people; Soldiers VS Babus, I am shattered, hurt and extremely angry

You may watch this program and make your mind, I am giving my summary

I watched this program on NDTV and I am shell shocked to hear what the IAS and IPS officers think about the nation’s defence forces, till date I just heard from people but here I heard with my own ears, these IAS and IPS officers who have superannuated and held important position in the Government.

For IAS the ration of soldiers comprising of some chocolates at Seichen Glacier is a luxury; these people don’t realise that at the glacier there is no meridian hotel to order meals, when blizzard is on, cooking becomes impossible, a pressure cooker takes few hours to cook Dal, there is no fresh ration, these chocolates are given to keep the human alive, it is not damn birthday party, you fools.

Send every IAS probationer for 2 months on glacier and they will know what soldiering is all about.

CRPF DGP went even further, he said the Army officers and soldiers should realise at the time of joining, what Army service is all about. Well, if this is the mindset then future officers who are educated and can clear CDS and service selection board should rethink about joining defence forces.

The present deficiency of 11000 officers will balloon to 20000 within few years and these IPS officers can be sent on deputation to the Army for making up the deficiency.

Soldier doesn’t need adulation of public on 15th August and 26 January, soldier needs support, love and respect of the Government whose order he obeys; there is none whatsoever.

I suggest as a pilot project, Glacier should be handed over to CRPF and BSF for 5 years; the nation will come to know their worth immediately.

Denying Premature retired OROP benefit was a regressive step and 7th pay commission recommendations are surely going to create more deficiency in the officer cadre; it is at the nations peril.

Justice Mathur has written off the soldiers as cannon fodder with his recommendations, he should be given Bharat Ratna by Modi, who claims to be a true nationalist.

Our chiefs must watch this programme so that they wake up from deep slumber, bureaucrats will finish off the Defence forces unless chiefs rise for the occasion.

Watch the pgme on line. judge for yourself... do we need across the border enemy NO, we have enough of them among us who are hell bent upon to subvert the Armed Forces.

Wake up we the people now before heavens fall on you in nukes.



More than anything else the rationale of Justice Mathur is absurd and leaves one wondering if this is the standard of sagacity of our Judges. 

I shudder to think of the Judgments delivered by him. He talks of an Army man starting as a Lt Gen (37:27 min into the pgme). Then he says that the Siachen allowance has been raised from 21000 to 31000. Big Deal. That is what any Dodo would say was the Job of the Pay commission. They raised the min Salary from 7000 to 18000 - so what? Any damn pay commission headed even by Nathu halwai would have done that. did it need a learned Judge to come out and say "eureka". 

And finally. the icing on the insipid cake- "the hardship allowance is to get IAS chaps to opt for NE like Guwahati. And Army chaps are compensated by High Altitude Allowance" Can some someone tell this Dude that Guwahati is not High Altitude. 

The Chief Justice recently broke down at a Public function, but seriously it is the people who should be crying if this is the standard of our Judges. No wonder Salman did not Kill the Deer but it committed suicide and the pavement dwellers were run over by a Ghost. 


Menon (VIA E-MAIL)

 (Source : Via e-mail from Lt Col S Vombatkere (Retd)


  1. Justice Mathur is crude in his logic.

  2. The channel discussion on NDTV about descrimination against military, must make the authorities see the reality.
    The discussion also brought out the mindset and disdain that civil service nurture towards military.
    ex DG CRPF spewed contempt openly.
    Gen. Malik's opening comment of "blatantly discriminatory" must strike the conscience of govt,and also people in general.
    The PM chose not to reply to the letter written by 18 retired chiefs. Not responding to that letter is the ultimate insult .
    To add injury to insult Justice Mathur says that armed forces have been gieven more than what has been given to civil service.
    Views of audience like "I will not ask my children to join defence is a pointer to the future.
    No one will opt for a vocation where one does not get "IZZAT".
    And foor armed forces there is nothing above "IZZAT"

    1. I remember the Amjad Khan's dialouge in SHOLAY.You all knew about it, when his three of his accomplices retureed empty handed after Veeru and Jai landed in Ramgargh village i.e "Inko sajha milegi,Barabar Milegi".Like that for the judge,DG CRPF and the chocolte IAS man, will also get sajha one day.They will eat their own humple pie one day,I prey that day is not far away

  3. Kindly add this sentences also with the last paragraph. 1.Actor Sanjay Dutt was number one patriotic-many paroles were granted-He is honest and all the pending film shootings had to be completed otherwise film producers would incur loss.
    2.Actress Jayalaitha dot not amaze wealth-For over 18 long years a Judge took for investication to declare she was guilty.But another judge took only 3 minutes to acquit her and declared she is not guilty.

  4. Not only the officials to be sent there, they must be forced to stay with jawans for atleast 6 months

  5. Judgements and opinions of broad minded old panchayat Juri were clear and acceptable to all concern people. But justice Mike recommendation is rejected by 75% concern citizens Why not panchayat juri to be the head of future government commissions.