Sunday, August 21, 2016

Question : I wanted to become an IAS officer. However, as I understand the ground realities in India more and more, I have become disgruntled. Everything seems meaningless amidst the great loot done by corrupt people. What do I do?

Answer - By Awdhesh SinghA Senior IRS officer, Bestselling Author and Speaker

Let me tell you a small story before I answer your question.
A neighbor came to Mulla Nasrudin for an interpretation on a point of law.
‘My cow was gored by your bull. Do I get any compensation?’
‘Certainly not. How can a man be held responsible for what an animal does?’
‘Just a moment,’ said the crafty villager. ‘I am afraid I got the question back to front. What actually happened was that my bull gored your cow.’
‘Ah,’ said the Mulla. ‘The matter seems to be complicated. Let me look up the book of precedents, for there may be other factors involved which are relevant and which could alter the case.”
This is how men invent their logic to serve their self-interest and to validate their point of view.
One of the greatest craft of our mind is to invent a logic that supports our point of view and then making us believe that such (self invented) logic are actually true.
We are good at fooling others but we are at our best to fool ourselves.
Your logic varies depending on your present state of mind.
It is apparent from your question that you are employed in a good job and you know that you have to leave your job to try your luck for IAS. Since, IAS is extremely difficult to get into, you are also scared for choosing this option. Hence, your mind has invented a good logic to prove the IAS officers lead a pathetic life so that you can avoid the risk and be happy where you are.
However, if by any chance, you change your mind tomorrow, you can yourself see the fallacy of your logic and the advantages of being an IAS officer.
The fact is that corruption and fraud is prevalent in India (or any other country like India) in all walk of life almost in same proportion. There are corrupt IAS officers and there are also honest IAS officers in Government just like there are honest and dishonest businessman, leaders, teachers, cricketers, journalists etc.
There are problems and frustrations everywhere and there are joy and satisfaction everywhere.
Please choose your career to achieve joy and satisfaction and not to avoid problems and frustrations.
Be positive and think for positive things in life.
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  1. karunakaran a ex havildarAugust 21, 2016 at 8:40 AM

    It serves as a reference for those having negativity. as you see and think image will appear before you. what you have been entrusted the responsibility in the order of society, do it sincerely and religiously there is no superiority or inferiority , you malicious heart make you shape the things

  2. Dear brother
    I would suggest you to go for civil service if you feel that u can do something for our country. Civil service has enormous responsibility in contributing the growth in all spheres and welfare of our country. There are many incidents a civi servant can change the entire system. See how TN Seshan revolutionised our election process.The fodder scam im Bihar and the result was an efforts of a young officer. CAG reports on 2G and coal is all because of honest people. If u are honest, sincere and courageous like an soldier you can do immense contribution to the development of our emerging India. We fight and ready to sacrifice our lives for the safety of our nation but at the same time an efficient civil servant can do the betterment and welfare of our nation.
    I suggest every one that whatever jobs we do and if we do it sincerely, honesty and efficiently we get job satisfaction and respect from others. But if you do it in covil service then our country will be benefited so the betterment and welfare of us , join the civil service asap.
    May god bless us all.