Saturday, October 1, 2016


Dear Sh Narendra Modi my Chotte Bhai Saheb,

Every leader is mincing no words while saying 'INDIAN ARMY HAS MADE NATION PROUD.'

Indian Army has always made India proud. There is nothing new about it? What have the Indian Armed Forces got in return. Can the Armed Forces also say this about their political leadership and the powers that run our great Nation?  If I say 'NO NOT AT ALL' I will not be telling any lies. 

Greatest Achievement 

The greatest of their achievements was victory in the Indo Pak War in 1971 when they broke India's  enemy into two Nations and captured over 90,000 POWs. Thereby eliminating threat to the Nation of having to fight on two fronts  every time  Pakistan threatened India, for all times to come. What did the Armed Forces get in return. Down gradation of their status and reduction of their pensions from 73 % of their salaries to 50 % as pensions? This was also the beginning of systematic down gradation of their salaries and status.

Systematic Down-Gradation

First Major Shock. Every time the revision was done the Armed Forces were down graded and facilities reduced. If they questioned they were told this was all that they could get. Take it or lump it. The Sixth CPC left them aghast with degradation further when they were the only Service not granted NFFU along with with many more anomalies. The matter was taken up with the leadership but nothing came out of that till today. 

Another Bombshell. While the matter is still under consideration of the Govt, another bombshell has been delivered with 7th CPC award. When the Chiefs took it up with our worthy Raksha Mantri they were brusquely told to go and implement it first and then their request will be considered. More amazing was his reply to you my Chhote Bhai Saheb, when after meeting the Chiefs you asked him why these anomalies could not be removed before the Notification was issued. His answer to you was amazing. His answer was that Cabinets decision once taken can't be changed before the Notification was issued. The surprising aspect of this matter was that you accepted this ridiculous statement without any comment. I know of cases when after the Cabinet has taken a decision about a matter, the concerned Ministry referring back to the Cabinet for reconsideration.

OROP Struggle - Contemptuous Treatment. The latest and most degrading of these all, is the Veterans ongoing struggle for OROP for the past over 470 days at Jantar Mantar. A major unforgivable blot on all leadership.The Veterans are seeking the 'ASLI OROP' that you have promised  them before and after the Elections. Nothing more nothing less. Need I say that your absolute majority is only for their whole hearted support to you. You doubt it? If you do then you may continue with your disastrous policy of following the dictates of bureaucrats about matters pertaining to Armed Forces and see the results in the next General Elections. The amazing and shocking aspect of all this  is that you have even refused to meet any of these Veterans leave alone solve their problems.
Why? Are they untouchables that a Pradhan Sewak doesn't want to see them? This being done to those who make the Nation proud every time, is most heart rending.

OROP Easily Implementable

The Veterans are your admirers for what you said before elections and want to continue to be so. It is time to mend the fences. Please take action to do it soon and before it is too late. Whoever tells you that OROP is not implement-able is a blatant lier. I am the person who raised it with the Hon'ble PM, the first time on 22 Feb 1982 and struggled all these years for it and got it twice before. From the Congress Govt in 1990 through a High Level Empowered Committee (HELC) headed by RM in the form of One Time Increase  (OTI)  formula and second time from UPA Govt on 25 Jan 2006, through a Group of Minister Committee headed by RM, who now is The President of India. It was easily implemented both times by the very people who are misleading you now.  

Draft Govt Letter Issued In April 2014

The 3rd time we got it announced on 17 Feb 14 by the UPA. They were in the process of implementation when the Govt fell. The Govt however before falling, had in consultation with Veterans prepared a Draft Govt Letter which was to be issued shortly. Even a Chief was asked to announce that to Veterans by your Govt, which he did. The bureaucrats dilly dallied over it in the hope they would be able to wriggle out of it with your Govt and they did by projecting blatant lies about it. How sad? Its implementation will not only solve this long standing problem but will also save the precious time of  CPC for working out pensions every time.     

I have written to you despite being paralysed for the last twenty months waiting for my flight to my Heavenly abode.  All because I wish that you continue to serve the Nation for long time as PRADHAN SEWAK. You take it or leave it. Despite my problems I am prepared to come and pay you my regards and clarify what I have said about OROP or any other matter.

Congratulation For Bold Decision

Heartiest Congratulations for allowing the Armed Forces to do their job to make the Nation proud. I hope that you will take equally strong decision to put another matter write for the Armed Forces. What is needed I wrote you soon after you assumed charge. You had accepted and issued instructions about two of these matters i.e. Ex servicemen Commission and SCOVA, but the bureaucrats have yet to constitute these even after two years. It will be interesting for you to know the reasons for the delay. If these were in position, the Reddy Committee hopping around India meaninglessly wasting time and expense would not be necessary. The acceptable solution would have been worked out after in house discussions as we did for DGL early 2014.

I am aware that this appeal may never be allowed to reach your desk, I am, therefore, sending it to all those who matter with the hope that some well meaning person like me would reach it to you. 

The Hon'ble
Sh Narendra Modi
The Prime Minister 
Govt of India
South Block
New Delhi 110001

(Source- Via Gp E-mail from Lt Col Inderjit Singh (Retd)


  1. Letter is touching but does it touch one who matters..i doubt...else why..i repeat why Disability pension of disabled soldiers has been made less than half and those of sitting in aircondition rooms doubled...This is mockery and a gross injustice. Soldiers are ill treated by govt.

  2. Thank you Sir need to give wake up call to these politicians.

  3. He is committed towards his promises and his true dedication to serve the Nation as nationalist. But due to economy left out by previous govt he has limited option and I am sure the day the Indian economy is in strong position he will deliver the hope of all you deserve ours long pending dues.

  4. 555 sir, in sharp contrast to your views, the same PRADHAN SEWAK granted orop undiluted to all civilian pensioners! They got their dues already. The guv succumbed to civs for fear of agitation which our serving jawans cant do. In fact the matter is otherwise made jumla by that FM , the unelected one who was defaced by a veteran soldier in the last election.So, the guv promise and finance will surge u see, just before 2019. What financial hardship the guv has? The same guv waived farmers loan off in tune with 60k crores, backup to psu banks in tune with 110k crores, Vijay Malya 9k crores! Undiluted orop has an addl need of only about 2k crore more! These all r reflection of Jaitely Jumla! Jai Hind!

  5. The question of economy only for the forces,o k, remove the nfu to others and save money. BRING OUT A WHITE PAPER ABOUT the MISGIVINGS AND ALLEGATIONS of forces.Unfortunately, it requires courage and character which our leaders lack and you have the most corrupt and useless bureaucracy in the world, which even foreigners (though undiplomatic) say.India,will be the worst country in the world, unless Modiji can show courage and catch the bull by its horn and do some thing soon enough.Short of mutiny, the forces have done everything,but nothing has moved.A truly disgusting state of affairs.

  6. Every retired high command became very good coloumnists ,using jargon terms.Without the dictionary, we will be helpless.Lions are roaring after losing the teeth.Poor jawans did not have any part or role in this high end drama.What the hell I got to do with any politicians,and IAS bureaucrats.But things will never remain same.In this world every dog has got its OWN DAY