Friday, November 11, 2016

Decision on defence reforms in 'few months': Manohar Parrikar PTI |

NEW DELH Nov 11, 2016, 07.22 PM IST

The Defence Ministry could in the next "few months" finalise higher defence reforms to bring in jointness among the three armed services which will include creation of the post of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS).

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar admitted that the services did not want to leave their "turf" but they have "slowly" come to understand that jointness would be much better than individual separate forces.

"I am very clear on it but there were certain aspects which need to be also taken along. I have to take all the three services on board. Let me be very clear, no one wants to leave his turf," he said during a book launch last night.

Underlining that he was not speaking in Indian military context alone, Parrikar said across the militaries, the same situation prevailed. He added that the question was whether one will "force it down the throat" or get everyone on board. "I think, I have been discussing with the chiefs and slowly they have also come to understanding that jointness would be much better than individually separate forces," he said, seeking a "few more months".

However, the Defence Minister made it clear that the final call would be taken by the Prime Minister. Incidentally, the chiefs of both the Army and the Air Force will retire this year end.

Without naming any operation, he said though India has not gone for jointness, "recent operations" were quite successful joint operations. "The Air Force and the Army integrated so well in recent operations, not saying which operation. There was total synergy and there was no problem in working together," he remarked.

The post of CDS was recommended in 2001 by a Group of Ministers (GoM) which was set up in April 2000 to review the national security system in the aftermath of the Kargil War.

The recommendation, if implemented, would be the first major military reform by the Narendra Modi government, which has already announced significant changes in the procurement process.

(Source- TOI)


  1. The CDS will be incorporated. The CDS will be a four star general. The chiefs will be reduced to three star general. Only the chief and the CDS will be in the HAG scale. The letter of equating the Principal director to the Man Gen fits the scheme of things correctly. Capt will be reduced to a level of Head Clerk / Upper Division Clerk (UDC).
    And the reforms will be thrust upon the services. I am not sure how the three chiefs will agree to it.

    1. Met a guy from DGCA the other day. Doubt he could spell Aviation. And to they think they can be Jt Directors and Directors who were equivalent to Majors once upon a time. Of course, a Major used to be a Major Rank then until it was "Upgraded" twice or thrice over.

    2. CDS will be 5 star general.

  2. The Chief should be reinstated in the position midway between the highest paid Secretary and the President as it was prior to the 4rth Pay Commission when the highest bureaucrat was 3000/-, President was 4000/- and the three chiefs were 3500/-. Each of the Vice and Deputy Chiefs and C-in-Cs should be Apex Scale (All Lt Gens). Everything will fall into place automatically. I was speaking to a bureaucrat who equated themselves with a Brigadier but wouldn't have made it to Staff College the other day. Couldn't grasp simple facts.

  3. It is acute Foot in Mouth disease the guy is suffering from.

  4. It's all wishful thinking. The country deserves its able IAS and IPS. Not the puny defence services. Time we hung out boots and settled in a civil life. Maybe do nothing and just take care of each other. It's wishful thinking again that the CDS will be a five star general. Only the marshal of the IAF or Field Marshall can hold that rank. The Army will be forced to settle for a three star general for the Chief's. More. Period

  5. Guess the country does not deserve the kind armed forces this country has. I know of host of civ friends who curse the forces for their lavish parties (being held on govt expence as per their puny heads), the 'miisuse' of sevadars, holding prime estate land in each city, having a canteen which works, getting a pension, getting paid for no productive output and above all forcing govt to buy costly defence equipment. As per one senior literate guy... A raffale costs some 800 crore... Instead one B class city could get world class schools in that 800 crores. What a waste of money as per him.
    The same is the thought of all IAS and their cousins...
    People do not talk of misure of govt machinery by any IAS or their cousins...
    This country does not need its armed forces...
    The reforms will justify all this in clear terms....

  6. These people very convienently forget that to be a strong Country, the defence forces have to be really strong.. The forces must be a challenge to any force which feels he can destabilise the our country. This is not the way to have a strong Defence Force for the country