Friday, November 4, 2016

EXCL: Parties Gave Only Lip Service For 43 Years, Says Parrikar

As politics over the ex-serviceman's suicide continues, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said that political parties have only spoken about One Rank One Pension instead of acting upon it.

Nov 04, 2016 | 17:39 IST | SOURCE : Times Now

 "Parties gave only lip service to the OROP demand for the past 43 years," Manohar Parrikar exclusively told TIMES NOW.

Parrikar rejected Congress' charges that Modi government has not implemented OROP.
"Prime Minister Narendra Modi first accepted OROP and provided ₹11,905 crore in the budget for arrears and ₹7500 crore for pension payments. The Modi government has fulfilled the promise of OROP," Manohar Parrikar added.
Meanwhile, sources have told TIMES NOW that the Centre has accorded highest priority to the complaints regarding the implementation of OROP. Ex-servicemen Welfare Cells have been put in place in order to sort complaints over the implementation of OROP.
Sources add that special officers – in rural branches, in particular – will be brought on board to make the task easier. Within the next two months, remaining 1 lakh pensioners will avail the benefits of OROP.
The Defence Minister also called for a meeting with senior officials from the Ministry of Defence as well as the Finance Minstry to discuss the problems in the disbursement of OROP funds, sources add. This comes after MoD sources indicated that around 1 lakh veterans are still awaiting their pensions because of banking delays.

(Source- Times Now)


  1. OROP has a simple and straightforward meaning and the Govt surely understands this,there is no point beating about the bush.The Modi Govt is welcome to select any date, any rank with same length of service and simply show the pension that the effected people are getting on that date,if it is same, the Govt is right and others are lying BUT if it is not , the Govt including PM should stop LYING.Subsequently,for the next 5 years the difference would be understandable, unless the Govt agrees to equalizing more frequently.I am sure if the Govt has any character,commitment, integrity and is on the side of truth,it can float these figures and the people can know and judge for themselves. But to do that they have to give OROP at least for one day,which unfortunately they don't wish to.

  2. Cong did nothing in their 10 years questioning this govt

  3. My dear respected Defence Minister, You are requested to obtain reports from P CDA(P) Audit and Technical Wing, Regional CDA PD, PSBs CPPCs that they have disbursed arrears to Pre-2006 pensioners for the period from 01 Jan 2006 to 30 Jun 2015 as per pension scales of 24 Sep 2012 to be effective from 01 Jan 2006 instead of 24 Sep 2012. If the payments have not been made reasons/difficulties being experienced and solution for those problems.CGDA to submit monthly report. Second point, when veteran died, DPDO/Banks pay widow flat rate of Rs.3500 p.m. which is minimum and it is to start pension immediately, which is never revised/revisited and that poor lady keep on getting that pension. Widow is required to be paid as per length of service of her husband. Please review all such cases of defence pensioner widows.

  4. True, the other party gave a part OROP in the past, that doesn't mean the present government too must follow them in giving another diluted OROP. The earlier government assured that there will be improvements in future and it is a continuous process, meaning that it will be OROP as per the true definition. But that opertunity was lost to them as they lost their mandate in elections. The BJP government coming to power on one of the victory stepping stone, ie OROP to veterans in its true sense became dictatorial and gave what they wanted in a diluted form. Over and above this they claim a completion assessment now and then even though presently holding an unopened OMJC report on anomalies to be corrected.

  5. As long as the PCDA are ruled by civilians,there will not any end to this nightmare.God save these veterasn

  6. Now put every blame on BANKS?Problem solved:)-

    1. It is the PCDA (P) that decides the pension and the PDAs (in this case banks) disburse it. If the GOI orders repeated by the PCDA (P) in cut and paste method in their circulars are clear with working examples for every case then there will not be any problem at the bank's end. The PCDA (P) works as a post office between the DESW and the banks. In spite of the hifi software that is being handling the pension processing, they are not guiding the banks in the dispersal of pensions. Moreover, if there are procedural mistakes in the older PPOs like the year of birth in place of date of birth, suitably be amended to facilitate a widow to draw her pension, such powers are inbuilt in the decision making at higher authority. Why can't be the PCDA (P) be user friendly with the banks and the pensioners?

  7. Truth is no political party at the helm of affairs put their heart into OROP or veterens problems.Whatever is sanctioned is anyway not OROP.Please don't encase on veterens and widows.

  8. Thanks dm india for ur delayed n diluted form of orop.

  9. Hey I am neither a congress or BJP guy. It was Rahul Gandhi who put the OROP bait on the line that was picked up by Mr. Mody, BJP and made tall promises. If Rahul had not twisted Congress FM hand OROP would not be where it is today whether it is enhanced, diluted or what ever state it is. Give him some credit.

  10. While it is abundantly clear that Con-gress not only was root cause of the problem but has also continuously dodged the issue for 35 yrs. Times changed in-between .... the Koshyari committee gave its positive report including Supreme court’s ruling in our favour too. These all happened in the time of UPA ... plus a token announcement in 2014 just before their term came ending.
    However it is also true and revealed from the retirees before 2006 that 03 intervening corrections cum enhancement leading upto 2014 given by/ during UPA regime almost corrected say 85% enhancement awarded by OROP. This is chief reason why JCOs and below felt no impact of OROP.
    If UPA gave whatever reluctantly, BJP was not far behind in its hoodwinking and deceit.
    BJP had no intention also to implement its promise given at Rohtak & other places during pre-election rallies and did its best to deflate the same for more than one and half year i.e upto Nov 2015.
    I am sure had it not been the persistence at JM, we would not have got this epileptic OROP, which now seems to be no bonanza in face of possible loss from non-applicability of 07th CPC beneficial awards.