Saturday, November 5, 2016

PM Modi lying on OROP issue, says Rahul Gandhi ::::Jaitley, Parrikar lash out at Cong, Rahul

Congress vicepresident Rahul Gandhi has accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of lying on the issue of `one rank one pension', stating that the promise made to the ex-servicemen has remained unfulfilled.“What the PM says is One Rank-One Pension is actually pension enhancement and not OROP . The PM should stop lying on the issue,“ he told reporters after meeting a delegation of retired defence personnel protesting at Jantar Mantar.He termed OROP “the right“ of retired servicemen which the government “will have to give“.
He said the ex-servicemen have said they would not press their demand if government does not have money for OROP. But, Rahul added, it was not the case since Modi government had waived loans of Rs 1.10 lakh crore of 15 big industrialists and preferred to do nothing for soldiers and farmers. “There used to be a slogan of Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan. But neither the farmer not the jawans are getting money . Neither the farmer nor the ex-servicemen are respected,“ he added. Questioning the PM's announcement that the government has implemented OROP, Rahul asked, “If it had, why have these ex-servi cemen been protesting for the last 509 days at Jantar-Mantar?“ The unbroken focus on OROP indicates that Congress has decided to keep the focus on the vexed pension scheme, believing it has the potential to trouble the Modi government in the wake of ex-serviceman Ram Kishan Grewal's suicide.
Rahul's visit to RML hospital after the suicide, followed by his presence at Grewal's funeral on Thursday , all resulting in his police detention, have geared Congress towards agitational mode.
Youth Congress workers led by outfit's the chief Raja Brar also marched in protest to the PM's residence on Friday but were stopped on the way by police. Congress is likely to ratchet up pressure on OROP during the winter session of Parliament starting mid-November. Rahul Gandhi demanded an apology from the government for “unacceptable treatment“ meted out by police to Grewal's family.
After the meeting in Congress office, Maj Gen Satbir Singh of the Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement said, “We have apprised Rahul of the subject and our demands. It is the duty of every parliamentarian to raise the issue in Parliament and help ex-servicemen get their rights.“
Jaitley, Parrikar lash out at Cong, Rahul
New Delhi:

Defence minister Manohar Parrikar and finance minister Arun Jaitley on Friday slammed the Congress party for its “politically-motivated stance“ on retired Armyman Ram Kishan Grewal`s suicide saying the UPA did not do anything during its 10-year rule to meet the demand of armed forces and veterans for one rank-one pension (OROP).Sharply reacting to Rahul Gandhi's charge that Modi government had mishandled OROP, Parrikar and Jaitley recalled that while UPA allocated a paltry Rs 500 crore in the run up to 2014 polls, the Modi government implemented the long-pending demand and made ade quate budgetary provisions for its implementation.
“Modi government moved swiftly to implement OROP which was hanging fire for 43 years. Unlike the previous governments we did not pay just lip service but made an additional provision of Rs 29,000 crore in the budget to meet our commitment.
In fact, revised budget estimates show that we will be spending Rs 35,000 crore more towards our pension obligation because of OROP,“ said Parrikar.
Saying that he was pained by the death of Subedar Grewal, Parrikar said that it was because of an error in computing because of which the retired Army person was getting about Rs 3,000 less than what was his due.

(Source- TOI)


  1. The ESM demand an apology from the Congress party for not giving the OROP in full during their tenure then, and now from the BJP for giving a diluted OROP and claiming that they did where the Congress failed. Both are cheats standing on untruthful facts. To gain votes they are cheating the public with facts and figures that are totally wrong.

  2. RG is indeed right,OROP has not being given.The Modi Govt is welcome to select any date, any rank with same length of service and simply show the pension that the effected people are getting on that date,if it is same, the Govt is right and others are lying BUT if it is not , the Govt including PM should stop LYING.Subsequently,for the next 5 years the difference would be understandable, unless the Govt agrees to equalizing more frequently.I am sure if the Govt has any character,commitment, integrity and is on the side of truth,it can float these figures and the people can know and judge for themselves. But to do that they have to give OROP at least for one day,which unfortunately they don't wish to.As regard the figures, estimates of expenditure on OROP being always wrong please sack the concerned staff for utter incompetence.

  3. You both are politically motivated and not for veterans loss of life.You both parties are ungreatful,You both will realise later.

  4. Sirs
    I am a senior veteran. I draw my pension through the Kunnamangalam Br. Of SBT.
    I like to bring the following serious matter to you knowledge for expeditious action.
    You are, no doubt, aware of the explosive situation arising out of the unfortunate suicide of a veteran Sub. Ram Kishen Grewal a couple of days ago. Whatever may the true reason for the extreme step by the veteran both Govt. and the PDA ie the Bank, stand accused for the incident.
    The delay in executing beneficial financial awards by the govt concerning Ex servicemen usually get delayed at different stages at different authorities like PCDA P/PDAs and other authorized agencies. I am not imputing libel or motive to anyone but the fact remains that there have been treatment akin to callousness and outright contempt by agencies concerned when it come the matter of benefits to veterans.
    The referred to circular by PCDA dtd 13-10 16 has been lying with all banks since over 3 weeks. HDFC Bank and some other banks have made the payments but the Giants in Banking sector like SBI, SBT etc have not done so till date. Similarly the payment instruction for revision and arrears of 7 Cpc also had been issued but remains unexecuted.
    Actions of these kind create much resentment among veterans which has direct effect on serving soldiers also. This affects the morale of forces fighting at the border. The situation at border is very grave and anything which plays with the morale and confidence of troop will lead to unimaginable disaster.
    Please instruct your staff to expeditiously execute action on circular 568 and order on 7 Cpc and avoid more unfortunate incidents happening due to negligence from your end.
    I send this note to you on behalf of lakhs of veterans eagerly waiting for some financial relief which the Govt was gracious to accord.
    Thanks and Regards
    Vn. JWO. Sukumaran
    Chathamangalam, Kozhikode

  5. Congress party head, headUPA being widower(female) who know actual woe
    Of widow.she was fail to refix pension
    Of family being part& parcel of widower was totally untouched. Today their arecliam that they are batter off.the same was removed by litigation&presentation by society.
    May god give them sense to sentise
    Human resources. Thx

  6. In years 2013 and ealier the petroleum prices were over $140 a barrel, large subsidy was provided to citizens. Around the time BJP came in to power had a distinctive advantage since the international the prices have come down to $42 a barrel. The cost of petrol in petrol bunks in the country is still the same as it was in 2013 and earlier. The Government has resulted in saving over 18.5 lakh crores in the last three years. Use some of this and pay up the dues to the jawans and also reduce Income taxes

  7. This politics on soldiers must stop as it is badly effecting the morale and motivation of our AFs.We have to focus and fight our enemies andnot divert ourmind to pounds and pennies. Give them all their dues and entitlement and close the issues.The delay is only making arguments harmful for soldiering. Now banks must be directed to pay 7CPC at the earliest and not wait for two months as very liberally given by Govt to banks.It doesn't take so long by computers to multiply the Dec15 pension ×2.57 and pay.Most imp close the issue as it is causing more harm than good.Pol pull & pressures are bad for our AFs.

  8. Dear veterans and all friends,
    Unity among veteran officers and JCO’s/NCOs’/OR’s EQV ranks – This word is very meaningful, useful for family, friends, Organization, Association and societies and for leaders to gave lecture. Now question is that at what cost? Veteran JCO’s/NCOs’/OR’s EQV ranks demands Izzat, respect, status and equality as civilian counterparts. But officers like every time and always disparity , SubMaj & JCO’s and EQV ranks lower status , exploitation, no power delegation to the subordinate JCO’s and EQV ranks and never support the genuine demands. We trust every word of officers as “Brahma Vakya” but they betray us.

    Please read the disparities among officer and men –

    (i) One Rank One Pension (OROP) – 70 -75 % of last pay drawn Pls read my previous
    (ii) Equal MSP (Military Service Pay) for Jawan’s/JCOs and Officers- presently Sep to
    SubMaj is less than MNS.
    Officers – 15500, MNS -10800
    Sep to SubMaj – 5200

    (iii) Equal disability pension for all Sep to General.

    (iv) Pension for post retirement Honorary Ranks given to the JCO’s/NCO’s-- In the JCO’s / NCO’s and EQV ranks for their devotion and dedication towards duty the some honorary ranks like Hony NbSub & SubMaj and Hony Lt & Capt are given even after retirement. It is very good to keep high morale of JCO’s/NCO’s ranks. The pension also is given to such honorary ranks given after retirement.

    (v) Provide Fixed Time promotion or Pay Up-gradation to Jawan’s- Provide Fixed Time promotion or Pay Up-gradation to Jawan’s at the same rate of officers by upgrading his Pay to the 4th higher rank of Subedar in 14 years or earlier. The JCO ranks must be junior officers’ pay scale.

    (vi) Wage ratio - The Wage ratio between the lowest and highest rank should be not more than 1: 6. The soldiers are working under stress due this shoot out and suicide cases increased in the defence forces. The Huge gap of pay and pension between officers and JCO’s / NCO’s and EQV ranks should be reduced.
    All veteran brothers JCO’s/NCOs’/OR’s EQV ranks be united where ever you are and directly write your demand to the President of India , Prime minister , Defence Minister , Def Secy , Join Secy ESM welfare . Everyone will listen our voice and surely success in future.

    With warm regards and best wishes
    Voice of Ex- Servicemen (PBOR) Association (Regd)

  9. contd---
    (vi) Wage ratio - The Wage ratio between the lowest and highest rank should be not more than 1: 6. The soldiers are working under stress due this shoot out and suicide cases increased in the defence forces. The Huge gap of pay and pension between officers and JCO’s / NCO’s and EQV ranks should be reduced.

    (vii) Same ration scale - officers are getting – Jam, butter, bread and Jawan are getting Dal, Roti. It must be same whatever will be.

    (viii) Same dress in peace duties – Officers issued with woolen suite with Tie, Jawans issued with woolen shirt, and Jersey made of joot. So same dress must be issued to all ranks.

    (ix) Amendment in Defence Rules and Regulations- These rules and regulations are made by the British to rule this country. Divide and rule policy adopted by the British is continued in the Indian Armed Forces.

    If any superior officer harass or abuse any soldier and the victim soldier complains against that officer, there is hardly any legal action taken against the guilty officer, but if any soldier speaks against any officer then whole set of rules and regulations are referred.
    The false charges are framed against that soldiers and he may be thrown out of service by
    Means of court martial.
    (x) Lack of transparency in the defence forces- Unit level court of enquiry is just a formality and truth will never come out so there must a CBI probe for all suicide and shoot out cases in the Defence Forces and swift and hard action to be taken by the MOD, GOI.
    There must be CBI inquiry in all severe cases in spite of court of inquiry for corruption, shoot out and suicide cases.
    (xi) CAG Audit for CSD Canteens including Unit run CSD -
    It is a privilege to defence personnel but CSD canteen facilities and its profit distribution is a big concern and source of corruption and misuse by local commanders. All CSD canteens including Unit run CSD to be audit by CAG and report to be submitted to MOD, GOI for further action.

    (xii) Sewadar / Sahayak to be removed - The Jawan’s also work as Sewadar / Sahayak (personal house servants) for Commissioned Officers to keep them comfortable and work for their wives and children. This is like a black spot “KALANK” on the name of defence forces. The Sewadar / Sahayak to be removed as early as possible.

    All veteran brothers JCO’s/NCOs’/OR’s EQV ranks be united where ever you are and directly write your demand to the President of India , Prime minister , Defence Minister , Def Secy , Join Secy ESM welfare . Everyone will listen our voice and surely success in future.

    With warm regards and best wishes
    Voice of Ex- Servicemen (PBOR) Association (Regd)

  10. My thoughts go to old veterans (some in their death bed)) who cannot litigate for their entitled broadbanded disability pension w.e.f 1.1.2006. Is there anybody to help them?