Friday, November 4, 2016

Veterans only getting enhanced pension, not OROP, says Rahul; asks PM to stop 'lying'

A combative Rahul Gandhi on Friday stepped up pressure on the government over OROP, accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of "lying" on the issue and insisting what the retired defence personnel were now getting was "enhanced pension" and that 'One Rank-One Pension' demand was yet to be fulfilled.
The Congress vice president asserted that OROP was the right of military personnel and the government "will have to give it". "What PM says is One Rank-One Pension is actually pension enhancement and not OROP. PM should stop lying on the issue. "OROP is the right of armed forces personnel and government will have to give it," Rahul, who was detained thrice over two days during protests over the suicide by army veteran Ram Kishan Grewal, told reporters. Grewal had allegedly committed suicide over OROP. An unfazed Gandhi said he was not bothered by his detention.
Accusing the government of waiving loans of a staggering Rs 1.10 lakh crore of 15 big industrialists, Gandhi said it has nothing to give to soldiers and farmers. "The government has not given respect and the right which is due to soldiers. If it had, why these ex-servicemen been protesting for the last 509 days at Jantar-Mantar," he said after meeting around 60-70 military veterans at the AICC headquarters.
Gandhi, who has been in the forefront of the protests after Grewal's suicide, accused the government of not "doing justice to soldiers who sacrifice their life for the country." 
(Source- DNA)



  2. if the amt written off is true, the real orop removing group system viz X Y
    and according to service rendered year/half yr, can be implemented as if a child play.

  3. Suddenly all veteran speakers participating in the tv debate on OROP starts supporting the ruling Govt for its implementation completely forgetting the long saga and suffering and cops lathicharge they underwent at Jantarmantar. I was amazed to see them showing an appeasement attitude. They should look back at the past and if they think they support the govt at the time of need, they are sadly mistaken. Mr Rahul Gandhis arrows are hitting directly at the Govt and the one who is directly affected is not the PM but the FM, since AJ is answerable to this country for the faux pass for creating one rank five pensions.

    1. Vinay Kumar Sir, I agree with you that veterans at JM were mistreated by the present Govt. And no body will forget that the struggle had been going on for over 4 decades. I do not know if Modi jee was heading the government during all these period.
      Rahul jee is now championing the cause of veterans now. Good , very good we do need his strong support. He should also remember at this time that there was a MoS in MoD in UPA regime who told Parliament that OROP cannot be granted to defence.and there was a committe headed by then Chief secy. Headed by K Chandrashekar who reported that OROP is not feasible because of administrative and financial reason and there was a GOM who too gave similar report. Please remember when you point one finger at someone four fingers points towards you. No body should take credit for doing anything for the defence. It is a national property and whatever anyone does it is for the nation. UPA has done something and NDA bettered it so the credit should go to both. The political shenanigans of parties going on now is nothing but hypocritical theatrics. Rahuls and Kejri must leave veterans to themselves to sort out problem with govt. If your political fortunes are dwindling try redeeming it with something else but not at the cause of veterans

  4. The SC verdict after examining the OMJC report will settle things. Till then soldiers and veterans must be patient. The government will continue in its inaction mood. It's lip service to the military community will continue unshamefully.

  5. Can RG answer why he and his party driven UPA failed to do justice to soldiers who sacrifice their life for the country when they had the opportunity. If he is serious about it, let him promise it in clear terms agreeing to the standard definition and to implement it not discussing the petty financial implications. Mr Modi once said that finances are not a problem, but the workload to workout every year is the main problem.

  6. Why every political party is barking on OROP?Please give us our rights back from 1973 which was unilaterally slashed from 70%.

  7. Rahul jee, Do you remember a MoS in MoD by the name Pallam Raju during UPA regime? What did he say on OROP? Please refresh your memory, if your faculties are still in order.He simply said OROP CANNOT BE GRANTED. And also what was the recommendation of committee headed by the then CS Chandrasekahar. You had Sri AK Antony beside you who was squirming at the lies you were blurting out but He too had to toe your line due fear of your ire. Please stop misleading the public on OROP. I do concede that UPA did bridge some gap between pre and post 2006 retirees but do not say that your govt implemented OROP. That is pure WHITE LIE.

  8. Hope we should not grab the past.who gave or not.but what we got that is right or wrong.remmeber who gave finally atfirst denied.delayed.diluted and in a dissatisfied manner.As vijay kumar said and i also watched in tv debate on third nov in times now channel our senio vetran all supported tp govt action on orop in same voice.And loudly telling stop poltics.Non is objected on orop.when mr modi addtrssing in his elction rally to esm what was that was not poltics.if rahul n kejriwal wanted to meet a victim esm if he allowed what havean fall on the earth.if raised full orop what wrong with him.what poltic he is doing.why our seniors are not questioning kissan jatra.rath yatra amd parivartan yatra in up.why these are not poltics.and why not advise to stop forth comming election in up as border tension is going on n people are dying daily. But no.this is deffereces are senior vets.thatd why dragging from 73 to till demand orop in on voice for sena samman.jaihind

  9. Suddenly the expenditure on FAUJ has become too high for the govt.... The same nerds wasted thousands of crores of rupees and never blue need an eye... Leave alone the mega scams of telecom, coal, oil and name anything... All these so called betas and babus are two heads of the same coin

  10. Truth and fact -OROP IS THE ISSUE !.OROP is law.
    point is how truthful is so called -OROP at 2013 level in 2015 and now , from 1.1.2016 ??.
    Some may call it -enhanced pension,diminished orop ,truncated orop,partial orop,one time increase ...etc of veterans pension ,the point is in its truthfulness on critical analysis of evaluation of -disparity that exists from pensions of all other govt service employees on pay /notional pay as on 31.12.2015; and their pensions as on 1.1.2016.
    That is crux of the issue and matter;
    or all other activity of what one said or did ;is in evolution of OROP and legitimate of military ( other than civil service).
    What BJP said and did when they were in opposition - congress and AAP is now doing , being in opposition.These are ways of democracy.
    Other point of relavence is even NDA/BJP did not do of orop in past when they were in power for 5 yrs

    This time BJP came to power by garnishing votes of military on promise & assurance of OROP.
    Naturally, with increasing awareness of mily ,pressures of agitations ,pace set by relinquishing congress govt ,opposition criticism of unfulfilled promise before Bihar elections ; BJP could not avoid or evade any further( rather forced ) .in hurry ,they ushered in the diminished orop with all anomalies ,for obvious electoral advantage in Bihar elections.
    Thus OROP is evolving , because ,the military is active politically and also agitating.
    Suicide of 70 yr old R K GREWAL was another incident of agitation . he was agitated of neglect of his struggles for his legitimate OROP.
    Politics in consequence of suicide is reality and ways of world.
    Military should act with restrained rather than tu ,tu ,mai ,mai
    ..bak ,bak.
    Sensitivity and grace is required - disgusting and shocking was the statement by that veteran who occupied chair of minister after getting elected with support of veterans votes.
    How some veterans are indulging in singing chorus ,for obvious gains in cash /kind /advancement in placements / settling scores with those in quarrel ; is another point of relavence..