Saturday, November 12, 2016

OROP: Steps being taken to rectify anomalies, says Defence MoS

"Government is taking expeditious steps to get the payment released to left out pensioners on priority basis," said Minister of State for Defence, Subhash Bhamre.
Seeking to reach out to retired soldiers, Union Govt assured on Saturday the ex-servicemen that it was taking all steps for "resolving the anomalies" in One Rank One Pension and 7th pay commission.
Minister of State for Defence, Subhash Bhamre, also said Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, who are "very sensitive" to the issues of ex-servicemen, are "personally looking into the effective implementation" of OROP scheme.
"The issue of OROP is the area of concern for the ex-servicemen. Number of representations were being received from ex-servicemen about OROP," he said, inaugurating the Kerala State conference of the 'Akhil Bharathiya Poorva Sainik Seva Parishad' here.
He said approximately one lakh defence pensioners/family pensioners were yet to get the benefits of OROP because of missing information such as non-update of records or unavailability of date of birth of family pensioners. "Government is taking expeditious steps to get the payment released to left out pensioners on priority basis," he said.
The Minister also dismissed media reports about down-gradation of military ranks vis-a-vis civilian cadre. "Was there any down gradation? The answer is No," he said.
Bhamre said a letter was issued by the Defence Ministry on October 18 regarding the equivalence of officers of a civilian cadre which is known as the Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service (AFHQ CS). "The letter reiterated the existing equivalence of joint director, director and principal director of AFHQ with Colonel, Brigadier and Major General equivalents respectively based on duties and functional responsibilities.
"This equivalencies is not new and it has been clarified on several occasions in 1991, 1992, 2000, 2004 and 2005. Therefore, this alleged down gradation was a complete misinterpretation of facts," the Minister said.
The service ranks and designations and the channel of reporting continued as earlier, he said alleging that an attempt was being made by some quarters to project a negative image of the government. "The government is most sensitive and receptive to the needs of the armed forces," the Minister said.
(Source- DNA)


  1. Minister ,I do not know whether you knew about all the ranks and files in defence.But you are at your free will and wish to do anything as you feel like.nobody can and will question you.You are the MASTER and MASTER is always right.No matter whether you down grade the ranks or not because it has no bearing or impact on the soldiers life style.Let nature takes sit own course

  2. dear Sir
    The minister is either not aware of the facts or he is intentionally supporting the civilians view. A joint director was equivalent to Lt Col and director to a Colonel. How can it change all of a sudden.The downgradation is perfect and harm has been done. Col Vijay Kumar

  3. Sir, I would like to know regarding awarding MACP (Modified acquired career progression), for pre-2006 retirees as I continued to remain in the rank for 10 years as SGT? Is this anomaly has been taken up? The eligibility criteria remain same for both pre and post 2006 retirees. Kindly guide us for rectification in order to award the same to pre-22006 retirees too.
    Thanking you,

    (Ramachandran MD)

  4. He must be telling what he has been told to speak. Typical politician doesn't know anything other than vote bank politics.

  5. Yes minister. Hope a soldier could say so. Duty, responsibility, functionality et al.

  6. Dear sir,please, change the direction a bit. Think other way a bit. All officers r not only the the so called soldiers! They r like our netas.. they r big when the common & poor people r behind them like a great commander when the poor troops fight for the mother land in true semse...

  7. Nothing new..these ministers talk babus language. I trust not these people.

  8. Since 1947 these Babu,s are doing their best to headed down our brave army, why? This is the serious issue, Modi JI government to investigate this also.

  9. Hum nahin sudharenge is the bottom line else what has the minister achieved by both the updates -- wrong facts reiterated on equivalent ranks to further antagonize the already hurt quarters and what is so great a favor the government is doing by studying the OMJC report. This man has certainly been able to earn n number of personal curse and abuses he could have avoided by keeping his .....y mouth shut.

  10. karunakaran a ex havildarNovember 13, 2016 at 10:17 AM


    When an army officer is reemployed, he is ready to accept the pay and allowances one step down if he is colonel he may accept lieutenant colonel perks, I do not find parity equalisation and so on, what you have been designated in the army do that job sincerely, civilian counterpart position is something else they have their responsibility. do not equate or down grade your rank

    we other ranks in civil are called watchman, peon or security guard . the army officers are always sticking to protocol of senior and junior inherited from british legacy. as long as in service you enjoy your power and position, after exit one community that is ex army . the power and money will not be in one place, when time comes all will vanish

    do not give much importance to the meaningless issue

  11. I feel that Mr. Karunakaranji told the truth!

  12. Sir, due to the bargains of upper class commissioned ofdicers for power and positions, the majority of soldiers who belongs to lower levels are suffering. Please put an end to this and stop troubling the actual soldiers! Krishna Kumar (ex segeant)

  13. Anamoly regarding app.X of Cir. 501 and 555.ManyHon.Flg.Offer. has approached for the said anmoly to MoD and even DM but it is negated by giving unsatisfactry reply and sending request to wrong dealing person. The appendix is not prepared as per air force promotion policy.The HFO term of engagement is mentioned 32 yrs.T
    It is wrong.The Hony Commission is granted to WO/MWO rank on merit at suppranuation.It is after completion of min. 35 yrs of service.Both ranks HFO AND HFL are promoted during same year.The term of eng. For HFL is mentioned correctly that is 33+ yrs. Two junior ranks MWO/WO also shown correct 33+ yrs.But in HFO case the ToE is shown 32 yrs.It should be 33+ yrs.This is a matter of policy. It is requested the the anamoly be rectify.

  14. The minister is either a lier or does not know the facts. OK let us equate to how the civil takes its responsibility and let us also let things go to dogs....

  15. A major anomaly which needs to be raised particularly by serving JCO's & below is the issue of non payment of ''Night Duty Allwc" & "Overtime Pay" at par with civilians.What is the logic/reasons for non payment of these allwcs to servicemen.Why are servicemen being
    discreminated in this.

  16. Hope no one is worried about the status of lower ranks, the so called ORs. Ex-Sergeant Govindarajulu. R.

  17. The list of offers and equivalent civilians cadre is seen downgrading to them but reason is not understand by officers. They abolished the second Lt rank from bottom and state way upgraded
    secondly in year 2002-03 all officers got promoted in one night ie major to Lt col and lt col to Col. In this case no rank suitability or any other criteria was followed. For this case was for Officers promotion was put in such away to govt that govt agreed to give them Tsunami promotion in night. We have seen more than 10k promotion at a time. These things are also responsible which U see equivalent list with civilians.