Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Second Opinion - Second-Class Soldiers : Why our babudom continues to be given preference over our defence services - By Jug Suraiya

A reader writes that according to a government notification issued in September this year the disability pension for soldiers is less than half that of bureaucrats.Our official policy regarding our defence services smacks of double standards. At times of armed confrontation with an adversary ­ as in the case of the recent `surgical strike' following the terrorist attacks in Uri and Pathankot ­ the heroism and the sacrifices made by our defence forces are lauded vociferously by the sarkar.Those who fall in action are hailed as `martyrs' and otherwise eulogised.
However, as and when peace returns it's business as usual, with our men in uniform being short-changed as compared with our babudom.
Why is this, and why is this anomaly being allowed to persist? The job of a soldier is, by definition, far more hazardous than that of a typical bureaucrat.A soldier risks losing his life in the course of carrying out his duties. The most a bureaucrat risks is earning the displeasure of a neta and being given an undesirable transfer, or getting an unfavourable confidential report from his or her immediate boss. A civil service officer has far more social cachet in the matrimonial market than a soldier.
A soldier is seen as a chowkidar hired to deter dacoits and robbers from pillaging the Sethji's house. The bureaucrat is seen as the munimji who is entrusted with supervising the day to day running of the household, which includes the handling of the daily hisab and looking after the personal needs of the Sethji, who is the neta.
The soldier's job is to protect the nation. The babu's job is to protect the interests of the sarkar of the day on pain of being transferred into limbo.
As protecting the interests of the sarkar is deemed more important than protecting the nation ­ which is seen as nothing more or less than the zamindari of our netas ­ it's only natural that the babu be better compensated than the fauji.
The babu will always boss it over the soldier. Until and unless they have a war and no one comes. Who will then man the front line? Our babus and our netas?

(Source- TOI / http:blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.comjugglebandhi ) 


  1. Crisp and hard hitting. Good Jug Suraiya ji.

  2. Sir, as you mentioned it is Jameendarigiri that is going on in this country. The babus pay themselves sumptuously and the netas look other-way. Shame on our netas and the people who elected them to power. A soldier is required in times of natural calamities, to thwart the terrorist attacks, to keep the enemies of our mother land at bay at all times and to police the nation when other security forces fail, still he is used and thrown out as a cheapest expendable material. His services were used in his prime of his youth and on his retirement, at his most important part of life he is left off to fend himself with a merge pension which is less than that of a lowest rung CG employee's pay. His family is sent on roads if he gives his life for the nation with least concern. The recent OROP movement showed the nation the way they behave even when insulted, they are the only gentlemen with patience in this country. Celebrating a festival at a remote corner with a few soldiers will not cheer them, mere greeting bestowed occasionally as lip service doesn't give solace to a family financially burdened. Give a soldier a decent pension be it regular pension, or causality pension unasked at a rate that is better than the current one which is 50%. Remembering a soldier occasionally shows the short sighted selfishness of the people of this country. It is time to give respect and financial security to the soldier, if the nation pays the same peanuts, then the future Army will be only of monkeys.

  3. Referring the last para of the article- Who will man the front no one.... yes really no it will not e required any more. The end of our beloved country called our Nation our pride & Bharat Mata will be all gone .... will be in captivity of some one else, who laugh at our own foolishness & selfishness or name any thing. It hardly matters to the thick skinned as they lie to enjoy the inevitable rape.

  4. The Constitution of India is well defined in two lines- "The soldier's job.... protect the nation. The babu's... transferred in limbo"
    Transfer and safe guarding of individual political or self interests are temporary, while the nation and its protection are long term. Strategic.
    Hope n wish we and our masters , political and keepers of self interests understand this.

  5. The country owes it to all soldiers to revert the Pension and Status parity and restore dignity through a judicial Commission ensuring Natural Justice. They were punished for changing the History and Geography of subcontinent. Col RG Nair

  6. Mr.Jug Suraiya,do not blame them,BUT THE SO CALLED YOUR DEMOCRASY SYSTEM.Every election you put mud on your own head.

  7. It is amazingly - reflection of weakness ,helplessness ,passive attitude ,mercy seeking ,looking for God's help - by strong Armed Forces of the Nation!.
    Simply ,as a Force and as part of Govt ( Govt does not exist without them) ,why con't AF derive their legitimate !
    Why do they allow and depend on babus for each and every thing.??
    Blame ,nobody ,but yourself for allowing to be ridden by babus .
    Why cont they dialogue and deal with those wings of Govt ,as all others do!.Constitutional provisions are adequate & abundent.
    Why do they depend upon intermediaries /brokers! .
    In this democracy of govt of the people ,by the people ,for the people ; all military personnel ( in service and retired ),their families & well-wishers ,relations are - people of the country.
    Thus ,recent trend of politically active,alive & aware ,has given some head way to resolution of issues.
    Besides ,there are several approaches and ways to resolve issues of disparity or denials.
    Thus ,activity only would lead to resolutions.