Saturday, November 5, 2016

Rank downgrade row: Bad Diwali gift to soldiers?

After the government ordered cuts in military officers' status with respect to civilian counterparts, India Today's Karan Thapar asks if the Military is right in thinking that there is a deliberate attempt being made to humiliate it?

Watch video below: 

(Source- india today tv)


  1. I wish that the entire Armed Forces personnel observe one 'black day' as a mark of protest against the government's wrong decisions on OROPand the 7CPC award.

  2. The app.X of cir.501 and 555 (copied of 501) is not prepare as per promotion policy of IAF for the rank of Hon.Fg.Offer.In that the max.service is mentioned is 32 yrs. Where as in IAF the Hony.rank is granted on suppranuation to WO/MWO after 35 yrs.of service on merit.Many HFO"s has approached to MOD even to DM but nothing is done.It is not matter of Rs.70/ but it matter of injustice,which make us mentally upset.