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7th Pay Commission report on pay and pensions: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar says analysing armed forces demands

By:  | New Delhi | December 18, 2015 : The defence ministry is analysing the concerns of the armed forces on the 7th Pay Commission report recommendations, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Wednesday. Asked about the concerns the armed forces have expressed over the 7th Pay Commission report recommendations, the minister said: "We are analysing them."

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7th CPC report on pay and pensions: Among the concerns of the forces regarding the 7th Pay Commission report is the way pensions are calculated on the basis of number of years served in a particular rank. (Photo: Premnath Pandey)


The defence ministry is analysing the concerns of the armed forces on the 7th Pay Commission report recommendations, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Wednesday. Asked about the concerns armed forces have expressed over the 7th Pay Commission report recommendations, the minister said: “We are analysing them.” Saying that the 7th Pay Commission report recommendations are on the agenda, Manohar Parrikar said, “We are already on the job. By next week we will be able to see what can be done.”
Defence Minister was speaking to media after laying a wreath at Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate on Vijay Diwas. Armed forces Officers feel the 7th Pay Commission recommendations are less rewarding for armed forces officers when compared to civilians. Among the concerns of the forces regarding the 7th Pay Commission report is the way pensions are calculated on the basis of number of years served in a particular rank.
While the rank of major general is equivalent to joint secretary, sources from the forces said that an IAS officer becomes joint secretary sooner than an armed forces’ personnel reaches that rank, and the percentage of those who reach that rank in the forces is also lower.
Armed forces got a boost at the highest quarters over the 7th Pay Commission report when Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address at the Combined Commanders’ Conference onboard INS Vikramaditya on Tuesday, admitted that fewer officers got promoted in the forces.
Another grudge is the risk-hardship matrix. While a soldier posted in Siachen Glacier gets an allowance of Rs 31,500 per month, a civilian bureaucrat draws 30 percent of his salary as “hardship allowance”.
Manohar Parrikar was flanked by the three service chiefs – Army Chief General Dalbir Singh, Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha, and Navy Chief Admiral R.K. Dhowan in paying respect to the martyrs on Vijay Diwas on Wednesday morning. Vijay Diwas marks India’s military victory over Pakistan in the 1971 war that led to the creation of Bangladesh.
(Source- Indian Express)


  1. Respected DM is only worried about officers status nothing to talk and learn about Juniors in the force. jaiho....

  2. Defence Minister while speaking to military vets, jawans and officers should be honest and also accurate while making statements. He should know that he is not speaking to undi-fundi crowd. He must reflect his class and convey that he is the Defence Secretary and means business.

  3. analysis, looking, being considered, by Diwali, by christmas, by jan 2016. Please stop making any more of the statements

  4. It is high time to think for a movement by Non commissioned officers and JCOs for an organisation to represent there issues on 7TH PC. See the above press conference, they have only speak about officers. It is really shame a chief representing only for officerd as he is the spoke person for men in service.

  5. Officers forget to project the legitimate rights and anomalies in the 7th pay commission recommendations pertaining to JCOs OR and equivalent ranks of three services. They are always demanding more and more benefits for officers cadre like Lt Col pay for Major,time scale promotion,status at par with IAS cadre,NFU and additional benefits,allowances and facilities. They project and demand that a soldier retires at the age of 35 but never say officers retires after 50 and chief of staffs at 62. Ofiicers never consider the status of below officers with civilian employees. A sep retires at the age of 35 where as civilians at 60 it means 25 years earlier than their counterparts. Pension of JCOs OR reduced from 75 to 50,further restricted to half of the maximum of pay scale and at last half of the maximum in the pre 2006 pay scale+Grade pay and MSP.As per 7th pay recommendation there is no difference and equated with civilians employees.Additional benefit of MSP is not at all compensate the increment of 25 years to be earned by the civilians than a soldier. Civilians enjoy the ACP benefit after 10,20 and 30 years service where as Sep to Hav after 8,16 and 24 years.Sep compelled to retire after 17 or 20 years of service and there by he will get the benefit of 3 level ACP.JCOs except direct entry(now stoped) are not covered the benefits.There is no time scale promotion to JCOs OR. As regards grant of Honorary rank,Hony NK,TS NK,Hony Hav and Hony Nb Sub are entitled for financial benefits for the rank even it was granted on retired list.JCOs granted the rank of Hony Sub,Hony Sub Maj and Hony Lt and Hony Capt on retired list are deprived of the financial benefits.The pay cell functining at Service HQ and controlled by officers did not bring the notice of the pay commission with proper data and in the presentable manner.Look at the case of MSP.JCOs ORbenefit is 5200 and officers 15500. As and when the DA increases to 125% please work out the likely difference in the MSP between officers and JCOs OR. By recommending 6200 as X group pay for Sep to Sub Maj surely there will be a huge difference in the pay and pension between the same rank and create displesure between the rank and file.Diploma holders enrolled in service normally in the higher grade pay group and they become JCO early on completion of minimum required sercive and they reach the grade pay group of 4200.Civilian Diploma holders are not entitled for additional pay fir their diploma qualification after joining the service. JCOs are supervisory staff and thay have to forgo even classification allowances on his promotion from NCO to JCO. So there is no logic and justification separate X group pay. Further at present the group existed in the Armyreduced from A to H to A to E and X,Y,Z and now only Xand Y. There are number trades entered in to service with the qualification of Plus to with Science and Maths.Classification allowances now admissible to Y group personnel are being abolished which appears to be a wrong decision. Officers must protect the welfare,status and legitimate rights of JCOs OR through their recommendation. Every suggestion is routed to higher authorities through officers only. If it is not justfied that the respect and regards may disappear from the days yet to come.

  6. Dear sir,

    When wind blows it affects the body of other ranks and officers alike and impact it leaves similar, likewise disability degree, when a soldier loses his leg or hand compensation should not be lesser than officer, is there any measuring unit in the universe to gauge officers organ are more precious than an ordinary soldier, 7 th pay commission chairman apply your common sense and take stakeholders of lower rank before awarding any monetary benefit more to officers and lesser to poor jawans, have you got disability statistics only other ranks from havildar to sepoy are affected because they meet enemy face to face , nurses and officers are sitting safely and getting the benefit , yes infantry arty and armed corps officers they deserve more benefit, my advice and suggestion to 7th pay commission chairman that rationalise the disability benefit and high risk allowances do not discriminate other ranks and officers in the award of high risk allce and disability benefit, with regard to basic pension you are open to give as they deserve as per the rank

  7. Dear three Chiefs Please see on the side of pbor not only officers. A great game was played in the VIth cpc with pbor by giving nothing to pbor like circular 547 and 548 for officers. They(Officers) have received arrears pre-2006 4 to 5 laces and 3 to 4 thousands for pbor are waiting till now.

  8. When ever the talk of pay and perks we arrive at the emolument disparities at higher ranks. It is a shame on part of the uniformed fraternity. Why an we talk of giving better emoluments to the teeth of the forces, the ORs, JCOs and Junior Field Officers? They are the pillars of the fighting forces and are always slighted.

  9. Of late the impression is being created that while taking up issues of pay and allces the interests of pbor is being sidelined.In acctual facts it is for all ranks ofthe services.unfortunately our press and the civilians are not aware of the rank structure of the services. They find it easy to write about officers as in the civil there is no rank structure in the civil orgs.The fight is for all.It must be rememberedthat any loose talk on our part without knowing the details is harming our unity thats what some people want.I fully agree with the blogger that a man retires at 37 can not get benefits a man with similar education and post who retires at 60.well if the govt wants keep the services young and fighting fit it will have to do some thing either to restore the 73 sit of 70% pension to service pers orhave demoralised forces. The choice is of the govt.In India as indian we are so self centered and ill informed even the chairman of 7 cpc has to say that the service pers are being paid more then the civilians including the pension.what a comparision.He has furtherstated that he could not convince a member of cpc mr Rae an retd I A S officer. Itis well known that an ias officer will always look after the interests of his Biradari. If it is so why to put such people as member.If unavoidable why not the members of defence services who are the biggest stake holders be put as member of cpc who will represent the defence pers.The govt mustdo some thing.unfortunately who generally no two or three has been reduced to a non entity by the vested interests in the Modi outfit. It is extremely difficult to believe and trust our def minister a gentleman to the core.God knows where we are leading to.

  10. what is the basic pension of a Naib Subedar in 7th CPC?