Monday, December 21, 2015



  1. Very strange-all the three chiefs are very particular about the pay and allowances of brigadier and and above.Long live Indian Armed Forces

  2. dear sirs,

    all chiefs are very much annoyed when their salary is at stake, three of them do not bother about the sepoys, they project their own salary setbacks parikkar should listen to poor sepoys also, mostly army sepoys are guarding the border throughout the day and night

  3. They are taking the case of officers to increase the pay and allces not about pbor.

  4. Civil/military pay parities at higher levels can be discussed by these authorities but prime importance must be given to the Jawans, JCOs and the field officers who are the real teeth of the Armed Forces. Time and again this mistake crops in. This attitude is real danger to the morale of the forces.

  5. It is not only lowering the scale of Colonel and other officer rank.Disparity of Military service pay fixing for jcos and Ors comparing officer and military nurses should be rectified without hesitation.

  6. A Joint memo to Honourable DM is really a grave and vital issue.
    Hope the grievances are resolved amicably and speedily.

    Major P J Rao Retd.

  7. officer's will have the problems of stopping of free ration , as a honest speaking is officer grade employees are to be required free ration ? we can understand the Sepoy are required the free rations but not to the officer rank who is drawing more than 1 lacks payment ,and furlough leave , hair cutting allowances , rum allowance, cigarette allowances is req?
    we know that service vehicles are 24x7 biases officer's are using, and taking the transport allowances, is it correct ?
    And high altitude allowances are made equal to all , like Sepoy or major will get same allowances 30600/- as a allowances , so now problem is with ego of officers , like Sepoy is getting same and officer is also getting same.

    if any genuine problems are projecting by service chief fore all of armed forces /veterans then it is ok , but we know it is not going to happen , as we seen in OROP trailing on the road .

  8. want submission of few lines for great kind consideration in the regard of above concerns blog. As per 5th CPC Disability Element had PROVED in two category by GOI’ who had prepared OR recommended by our officers. Rs 1550 only for 100% Disability for JCO/Ors and for our officers Rs 2650 approximately.That times 70 to 75% was HIKED moreover to for our officers ‘ than JCO/Ors. As per 6th CPC Rs 1550 had increased up to Rs 3510 only lightly moreover two times for ors’ And for our officers had hiked been Rs 27000 only on proved disability 100% ‘Much’ much’ over to 10 times hiked than JCO/ORS. Who will see the anomalies of Poor jawan' who are fighting to for officers and the our nation. The same manner recently our three COS has raised the complaint to Mr RM for the bridging the gap to counterpart of IAS/IPS in connection of Allowances been see the anomalies of our poor veterans.

    Note- Disability Element” is depend up on affected of body’ who would be affected to the physical capacity by Sickness / Injured during the period of service’ The sickness/ injured could not be come to the only officers. The part of body may be damaged to same as a officers J CO /Ors. Hence The ‘Disability Element should not been different between one rank to another rank’ Why should not been ”Fixed lump -sum” in similar to all rank’ The Factual of this reason Service Element / Service Pension are depend upon Rank wise Irrespective length of service. ? Then why should Different Disability Element as per rank wise ‘Due to Service Element /Pension are entitled as per all designate holder as per designation Hence should. Stop further in future and treat it each& every personnel’s in same manner in connection of Disability Element. G.S UPADHAY GM-WORKS ALLD TATA 9670210000​