Thursday, December 10, 2015

Serious questions about “fair play” are being raised on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) as the armed forces are ready with a written protest to be given to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar.

New Delhi, December 9

The representation has the views of all three services — the Army, the Navy and the IAF — and questions the very basis of the recommendations of the CPC and its calculation for pay and allowances for the defence personnel.

Sources said the forces were ready with a written representation and have cited concrete examples of how the CPC has created additional anomalies over and above the ones pending since the previous commission constituted a decade ago. The facts presented before the commission are erroneous and the 899-page report has inaccuracies while dealing with military salaries is said to be contention of the representation.

The forces have questioned the lowering of benchmarking of the three services. Till now equation of the balance was vis-à-vis the Indian Police Service. The Army Commanders and their equals in the Navy and the IAF were on a par with the Director Generals of Police. In the pecking order, the Chiefs of the services are above the Secretaries to the Government of India and also the DGPs.  The 7th pay commission has removed the parity with the IPS and the new benchmarking is with central paramilitary forces. The issues of high rate of supersession and early retirement age in the armed forces have not been addressed while factoring in the salaries.

The pay panel’s take on allowance is another issue over which armed forces are unhappy. The high altitude allowance for an officer in the Army posted at the Siachen glacier will be Rs 31,000 while in the civilian services there is tough area allowance which is about 33% of the basic salary. After the 7th pay commission, this would work out to be in excess of Rs 50,000 for the IPS and IAS.

(Source- Tribune News Service)


  1. Army Navy Airforce is not only for the officers don't forget jawans who are in majority officers always crying about their status what about jawan status. Learn something from USA ARMY AIR FORCE NAVY in their forces only minimum pay differences between officer and jawan and also in status but in india officers are king, tanasah

  2. Dear Veterans !
    I want have put a great anomalies regarding Disability Element difference between current and past. The Disability Element had Hiked in 6th CPC for JCO & OR'S Rs 1550 to 3510 and for our officers Rs 2600 to 26000 for Higher rank. It means slightly more over of two times for JCO/ORS and For our great officers had hiked been Much' Much 'more 10 times of previous 100% disability.
    2- How many had difference been Officers and there JCO/OR'S in 6th CPC' Does commission had produced the report as blind-man.

    3- Every rank getting Service pension / Service Element as per holding of Rank on base of irrespective length of service' Which had done by all personnel'as per Rule. But commission had hiked been 10 times for our officers Rs 2600 to Rs 26000 pm on 100% disability in compare of jco & ors'???? Where is justice.

    4- If all personnel have Entitlement as per above holding of rank and 'Irrespective of there length of Service. The disability/Sickness of concerns to all those Officers or be jaw- an jco. The disability/sickness/ not been separate for officers and Jco / jaw- an. Disability are equal for all personnel's ( king or bagger) (officer's or jawan).

    Hence' I want request and Would be write letter to RM / MOD' and C omission of 7th CPC'' SHOULD BE EQUAL TO FOR ALL 100% ' only Connected of (Disability Element).

    General Manager-Works

  3. Dear Mukesh
    Yes You right. I have already explained in previous blog in connection of Disability Element Much more Gap between Officers and Jco/Ors according to 6th Cpc. The Rs 26000 pm 100% for officers and Rs 3510 only for JCO/ORs on 100% disability. It is right differences should be in pension as per holding of rank irrespective of Length between each Rank holder.
    2- But anomalies should not been any Rank holder according to disability element' Who are directly connected with Sickness/ Physical disability/ malady/waster. Because the Malady would not be affected as per Rank wise. It should be equal to all suffered personnel on base of disability value. As per recommendation of ''7th'' cpc some anomalies have find out between IAS/IPS/and our Army officers comment has raised above by an officers dated 09/12/2015' And would be raise in attention of RM' Who will see the anomalies of JCO AND ORs.

    Inko samjahana hoga Marane ke bad rasta wahi jata hai'.Aur ek hi rasta se jana hoga. Army ke officers ka pet nahi bharega .Sarkar ko inhi ko kuchh karana hoga. G.S UPADHYAY General Manager-Works TATA PCBU Allahabad 9670210000

  4. Services HQs (Army IAF & Navy) since part of MOD should take stand firmly and get 7th CPC scraped as NOT fair ti Defence Services and there should be separate Pay Commission for Defence Forces with three services members and rep of CDA(O) & CDA(P). There should be no IAS/IPS officer as its member. Defence forces can no more made fools. This is Computer erra and forces are now woken up and there is no policy that defence officers now cannot discuss their Pay and Allowances in Units and Officers Messes since IAS babus are cunning and deceived defence forces. Actually now there should NO IAS officer postwed in MOD/def institutes as they are proved themselves chiets and untrustworthy.

  5. Mr Mukesh Yadav, you are right.Officers are very much concern about erosion of their status. Who cares about status of Jawans. Is Babus responsible for that also?
    The cattle class and Maharaja class difference should end. Todays officers are neither white skinned,nor golden hired nor blue eyed materials to act like erstwhile viceroys, a by-product of great Indian 'Roti-Chawal' culture.

  6. Dear sir,

    What about jawans from havildar to sepoy, officers are forwarding their anomalies and disparities, there is no equation in respect of OTHER RANKS with their counterpart in civil and perks high, the commission should accept the report when it is watershed in nature compiling other ranks disparities

  7. Mr Ganshyam Upadhyay, as far as dis-parity is concerned we can give a lot of example. Compare to the officers of Army....JCOs/OR are in disadvantage in numerical criteria in terms of pay & allowance. As per the 7th CPC the total strength of officers in Army is 44727 and JCOs/OR is 11,63,953. that means to give one rupee hike to JCOs/OR Govt has to shell out Rs Rs 11,63,953 whereas just Rs 44727 for officers. This advantage being nicely utilized by officers fraternity to furthering their benefit. Now come to AGIF where one can see the double standard of officers who always find loop hole for parity with IAS cadre. As per AGIF officers pay monthly premium of Rs 5000/- for insurance cover of Rs 50 lakhs and JCOs/OR pay
    monthly premium of Rs 2500/- for Rs 25 lakh cover. The insurance principle in India is very simple, lower the premium,the sum assured is small and higher the premium the sum assured is big. Let us take the manpower position of Officers & JCOs/OR as per 7 CPC report, in a month officers of Army contribute total premium of Rs 22,36,35,000 per month towards AGI for a sum assured Rs 50 lakh whereas JCOs/OR contribute Rs 279,80,65,000/- per month just to get Rs 25 lakh coverage. Look JCOs/OR are in numerical advantage here . The principle of simple insurance procedure is being subverted here by replacing rank status.I am not saying it should be same or more than officers. The moon to earth distance should not be there.

  8. All CPC sofar have not been fair enough to the defence forces. The three forces have not been justified ever by these CPC including the latest 7th CPC.
    There should be representatives from all the three forces. One officer from each force as well as one JCO rank from Army Navy & IAF. So that desparities do not appear in the ranks.
    The MSP should be same for all ranks. It Shall be NO less than Rs.10000/- for each rank.
    Jai Hinh

  9. The disparities between officers and pbor increasing pc by pc.

  10. Mr Mukeah Yadav told very good and right. These officers are every time crying for their pay and allowance only. They never thought about jawans even in dreams. They are sitting at jantar mantar only for filling their stomach only. They can not win this fight alone so they are with jawans. This is their majvoori. In their statement I never heard about jawans since sitting on dharna.