Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Payments Under cOne Rank One Pension Scheme to Start in January: Sources

Payments Under One Rank One Pension Scheme to Start in January: Sources
Ministry of Defence is rethinking whether it should debar officers and men who go home before completing their tenure from the benefits of OROP.
About 25 lakh armed forces veterans get their first enhanced pension under the One Rank One Pension Scheme, or OROP,  in January, top Ministry of Defence officials told NDTV. The enhanced pensions will cost the exchequer around Rs. 7,000 crore.

The Ministry of Defence, meanwhile, is rethinking whether it should debar officers and men who go home before completing their tenure from the benefits of OROP. About 80% officers and men leave the forces when they fail to make it to the next rank. The benefits of the current scheme are denied to them. For example, a Colonel who leaves the army before completing his tenure as he didn't make it to the next rung -- Brigadier -- will not be entitled to OROP.

But sources said Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has ordered a rethink on this and is inclined to strike this provision off. If done, it would address one of the major concerns of the armed forces. "If officers who leave their tenure incomplete and quit for not being making it to the next rung are denied OROP, the forces will be saddled with passed over officers. Worse, they will have to work under the command of junior officers," a source in the ministry said.

Veterans will also get their OROP arrears -- the scheme has been brought into effect from July 2014 -- before the end of this financial year. It will cost the government Rs. 11,000 crore. War widows and Gallantry award winners will their arrears in one go -- the rest will get it in four equal installments.

The implementation of OROP - a pre-election promise by the BJP -- was announced this September after prolonged negotiations.

The scheme could, however, not be implemented immediately because of the Bihar elections and the model Code of Conduct that came into play during elections.

(Source- e-mail from Clarence G Manickam Vet )


  1. Sir,

    I now understand that OROP scheme pension will commence in Jan 2016 and first installment of arrears will be paid in March 2016. In this connection I wish to state that no chart for this has come out from the PCDA(P) Allahabad so far. I will be happy if implementation procedure is issued by the Accounts Department immediately. While I am happy that MOD is rethinking to include future PMR cases in the OROP scheme I will be very happy if RM/MOD review the statement of RM that OROP scheme beneficiaries will not get 7th cpc benefits to avoid confusion later.

  2. What is the benefit of delivering comments on orop, there is nothing for pbor, this is only for officers like circular 547 and 548.

  3. Dear sir,

    I had been placed in the same rank for more than 10-years, almost all my juniors have become my seniors by virtue of promotions, how long we will tolerate as now india is reeling under intolerance incidents , it has got its boundary , if all serving soldiers opt for PMR will parikkar and MODI go fill in the wasted vacancies. one thing it is being monitored and watched by other countries, already morale of in service army personnel and ex army people in low ebb

  4. Sir,
    What about who got voluntary retirement before 07 Nov 2015(ie before this order).

  5. What about voluntary retirees before this order(ie 07 Nov 2015).

  6. Where is arrears pre-2006 for pbor ?

  7. How an the government give pension without telling veterans what is their due. Proper procedure is to give a table of pension with service, ranks and the decided OROP. The government is giving doles of their own makings. Is this called transparency?