Friday, December 4, 2015

V K Singh to mediate between govt and veterans on OROP

NEW DELHI TNN | Dec 4, 2015, 01.31 PM IST : Former Army chief and minister of state for external affairs General V K Singh (retd) has been appointed as a mediator between the government and protesting military veterans over the one rank, one pension (OROP) scheme.

With the protest entering its 168th on Wednesday, the ex-servicemen will hold an 'Aakrosh' rally at Jantar Mantar on December 13, even as they are also contemplating whether to exercise the legal option to fight the government on the OROP issue.

The veterans said it was decided to appoint Gen Singh as a mediator in their meeting with defence minister Manohar Parrikar on Tuesday night. "Our focus and aim remains on the implementation of the OROP award without any dilution and to that extent we will continue to engage with the government for justice," said a veteran.

The OROP notified by the government on November 7 for the over 24 lakh ex-servicemen and six lakh widows in the country will entail an additional outgo of over Rs 8,000 crore every year, as reported by TOI earlier.

But the veterans say the government has not resolved any of the seven main anomalies pointed out by them. They are particularly incensed that the government did not accept their case for "pension equalization or adjustment" every year, and instead notified that it will be done only at five-year intervals. This, say the veterans, will mean "one rank, five pensions" and not OROP as it has been consistently defined.

An even bigger worry for the armed forces is the notification clause that serving personnel who now opt for premature retirement (PMR) or discharge will not get OROP benefits. "This is totally against the overarching aim to keep the armed forces young and fighting fit," said a senior officer.

"The entire cadre management of the forces, which have a steeply-pyramidal promotional structure, is dependent on hundreds of officers and thousands of jawans taking PMR every year after finishing their pensionable service. This ensures recruitment of young and fresh blood," he added.



  1. My appeal to Govt of India, to all Chief's of Armed Forces and those who love most to this nation :-

    The Official/Bureaucrat should be identified who has put forwarded this proposition to stop OROP to those seeking PMR in future for verying / examining the following :-

    (a) His service record warranting his honesty,loyalty,sincerity and very integrity to the system,institution and sense of respect for various organs of the Govt in general but nation in particular.

    (b) What prompted him to moot this idea ? Many hostile nations accross the globe but china and Pak are hellbound to achieve dissension/demoralisation in both serving and retired armed forces personnel for one or other obvious reason in India. Whether the man behind this idea is a black sheep planted by hostiles in Indian establishment. Should be tracked and questioned because adding this particular clause of barring OROP to those seeking PMR in future makes the whole OROP concept frutile , irresponsible and damaging the security and intentionally jeopardising the very structure of the armed forces.

  2. A big Salute to the veterans agitating at Janthar Mandir for the noble cause. They are really doing a great job.

    But I have the following points to put forward in this regards :-

    1. The concept of 'one rank five pension' does not seems practically correct at least in case of JCO/OR. At present, the pension is fixed on 'notional pay' arrived on the basis of 6th pay commission salary and all the veterans in a particular rank with specified years of service ( for eg Sub Maj (s) with 32 years of service) retired after declaration of 6th pay commission (say 2008, 2009 .. ... 2015) are drawing same pension. The basic concept of OROP is that this same pension should be given to a all Sub Maj (s) retired earlier also. I think the Govt Order is meeting this basic principle and why this confusion in this regards. If this does not seems correct, can any one clarify the concept of 'one rank five pension' with facts and figures please.

    2. Why the veteran organisations are not demanding the 70% pension, once taken away from veterans.

    3. Agree with all other points put forth by veterans. But these points can also be carried forward through democratic means by accepting what the Govt has now given.

    4. Whether any veteran organisation has any data regarding the pension of present day retirees and old retirees, what is the difference between these two ( what actually everyone should get on implementation of OROP). Most of the veterans seems ignorant of this details.

    Jai Hind.

    Honorary Subedar Major Gangadharan P

    1. You are absolutely correct. Govt should consider this aspect before taking decision.

  3. Gen VK Singh appointed as negotiator by whom? Govt or vets at JM

  4. I find this calculator android application to calculate OROP for every one Click here to download apps

  5. 7th pay commission report is anti soldier status.Veterans fought for OROP,but benifit extended to civilian matrix for Officers,JCOs OR of defence service is for 24 years and that of civilians is 40 years. A grade pay of 2000 group employee can draw increment for 40 years and he may reach maximum pay over and above grade pay group soldier availing the ACP. JCOs OR pension was calculated 70% of the basic pay upto 1973,half of the maximum of the pay scale up to 31.12.2005 and asper 6 th CPC is at par with civilians by granting additional pay of MSP to JCOs OR @2000 and officers 6000. What a JCO in the grade group is entitled for the additional pension is 1000 but he retires 15 years early than civilian counterparts. Amount of early increment increse ever year during the last spell of service and civilian employee draw maximum pay in the pay band and become entitled for more pension than soldier. Is it justfified?.Take the case of the present grade pay of 6600.As per 7th CPC report, his initial pay will befixed at 69400.The next grade 8000, his initial pay will be fixed at 116700. Difference between one grade to other grade is 47300.Before the next CPC,diference,between the grade will be more than one lakh and that of pension 50000.Is it justified.Number of enomalies I quoted only one example.Ofiicers want higher pay scale,time scale promotion,status at par with IAS Cadre NFU higher rate of allowances and facilities. Multiple factor as per matrix also found incresed for the higher grade pay group. Every this is available for officers because recommedation is cooked from their mess.

  6. The following points desrves merit consideration:-
    Sub Maj pay prior to 1973 _ 312 for A to D group
    Grroup of Army reduced from 8 to 5, Reorganized to 3 XYZ wef 10.10.1997 finally X and Y wef 1.1.2006.
    Pay scale of Sep to Sub got revised wef 10.10.1997 but kept the pay scale of Sub Maj unchanged resulting degradation and Sub of X Group to draw more pay and pension.
    Original B group did not get any extra financial benefit since 1973 due to non upgradation.
    Classification pay were admissible to Group A to D or E depending on trade test which is a ladder for promtion.Sep to Hav attend upgration trade test and draw classification allowances.Diplomo holders enter in to service as direct entry JCO and they are placed in the grade pay of 4200 at par with civilians. Inaddition they get service benefit for early further promotion.Other than dir entry JCOs, either next grade pay or next promotion is made applicable .Service personal on aquairing Diploma through services institution will be promoted to the NCO on completion of diploma course.They will be considered for JCOs promotion on completion of minimum required service and placed in the grade pay of 4200.JCOs being supervisory post, they will have to forgo classiification pay.On becoming JCO grant of additional X group pay is not considered as justified recommendation. This will have adverse effect between the same rank of X and Y in pay and pension benifits as when % of DA increases. Either Xgroup pay should be abolished or other group should be allowed to draw revised classification pay propotionate to X group pay.Officers demands Lt col pay for majors,time scale promotion,status at par with IAS cadre and NFU. Sep to Hav get financial benifit on grant of Honorary Rank ie Hony NK,YS Naik,Hony Hav and Hony Nb Sub.In addition ACP and increased waightage are considered for higher rate of pension depending upon the year of service.JCOs granted the rank of Hony Sub, Hony Sub Maj and Hony Lt on retired list are deprived of the financial benefits.JCOs except Direct entry JCOs are not covered under the ACP upgradation. Service waightage of 5 years admissible to Sub Maj in most of the case are non effective if they complete more than 32 years of service. Pension of JCOs OR prior to 1973 were calculated on the 70% of last pay.As per 5 th CPC half of the maximum of pay scale. 6 th pay restricted to additional MSP and as per fitment table as applicable to civilian employees.As regards pay of a Sub Maj of X group starts with 7250, and placed in the pay band 9300_34800. Lt starting pay was 8250 ,but placed in the pay band 15600_39100. Sub Maj by vertue of his lengthy service used to draw more pay than a newly commissioned officer.MSP admissible for the rank of Sub Maj was 2000 only where as Lt become eligible for 6000.As per the 7th CPC recommendation it is 5200 and 15500 by using multiplication factor of 2.57.Pay Matrix for Defence force is for 24 years and that of civilians 40 years. Sep may retire at the age of 35 years where as civilian may continue is service up to 60 and he will enjoy 25 years aditional increments and reach at the top level with ACP.Pension of civilian of the grade 2000 may draw more pension than a soldier of the grade pay group of 4800.Finally there is vast difference in the pension entitlement between JCOs granted Honorary rank on active list and on retired list.On retirement status of both are one and the same. Both awarded based on the meritorious service by the President of India and publised in the draft Gazette of India.I there fore request the cell functining at Service HQ should submit the presentation to the Respected Gen VK singh Sir for his study in length for a justfied sulution.With highest regards.

  7. Sir, you know very well that the maximum benefit of pay and pension has been awarded to O&J for below rank. the difference of pay and pension has increased PC by PC between the O&J and other ranks.