Thursday, December 31, 2015

OROP : PRESS RELEASE AS AT 1500 hrs 30 Dec, 2015

1.  Today is 195th days of RHS at Jantar Mantar ESM team Dhaliwal come for RHS spirit of ESM is high & ESM are more determined to carry on with RHS till full OROP is given by Govt. Mrs Sudesh was on 130th days of RHS.  ESM family saluted this brave Veer Nari for her determination and her dedication to the cause of OROP. 

2.    This pious agitations in getting recognition in India as many civilians friends have started visiting Jantar Mantar & are contribution for ESM struggle for OROP. Rep of Kissan Unions have also expressed their support for OROP.  

3.    Officers of 30 AEC Air Force visited Jantar Mantar in support of OROP. They took a vow that they will whole heartedly participate in OROP struggle and RHS. 

4.    RHS at Gurdaspur entered 190th day today. Similarly agitation at Murena Gwalior MP has been started.    
On 30 Dec, Mrs Sudesh was on her 130th day of RHS. ESM family saluted this brave Veer Nari for her determination and her dedication to the cause of OROP. 

Some of the visitors at Jantar Mantar on 30 Dec 15.

Subject: Jantar Mantar Activities!

Dear Sir, Greetings!

News papers are not covering our day-today activities of Jantar Mantar but it's only because of you that everyone gets to know about it & also about the progress of OROP AGITATION. The  Jantar Mantar is always energized, whether there is rally or not.It's because of the dedicated efforts of many. ... edited ...
Some of the photos taken by me on 29 Dec 15 can be viewed in the link  -

Mrs Sudesh Goyat is almost always on fast at Jantar Mantar. Hence she (w/o ex AMC Maj) is addressed as an iron lady. 

Poem written on her by Sqn Ldr R K Tiwari (Retd) on completion of 100 days of fast (on 29 Nov 15) can be viewed in the link –

On the mic above is Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM, Chairman IESM The Live Wire of the OROP Struggle.


Sqn Leader RK Tiwari, the author of the poem on Mrs Sudesh Goyat, the Iron Lady of OROP.

(Source- Via e-mail)

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