Tuesday, December 8, 2015


 On 8 December 2015 at 10:49,                                                                                                                                                                                    
Ravindra Pathak  wrote:

[07/12 21:38] Gp Capt V K Gandhi: Got a call from COAS at 1630 for a meeting at 1730h. Satbir & Self were called for meeting. Discussion on usual lines.

1. We briefed him abt our meeting with RM of 2 Dec.

2. That Gen VK Singh has been nominated as mediator.

3. That Govt has yet to issue authority to detail him as mediator.

4. That Govt must consider our objections to notification compassionately.

5. Briefed him about PC done with RJ.

6. Briefed him that we will take OROP thru SC if Govt becomes stubborn. In such a situation Govt will have to give OROP but will lose our good will.

7. Requested him to use his office to find amicable solution to this problem.

8. Briefed him about the rally on 13 Dec that this rally is to convey our objections to the notification.

He asked what will make us lift JM. He was politely told that Govt has to rectify our objections to notification alternatively Govt will have to make a positive statement on OROP. 

Meeting was cordial and ended with positive note

[07/12 22:17] Gp Capt V K Gandhi: He further confirmed that Army HQ has strongly taken up with RM about wrong tables for arrears due to all from 1 Jan 2006. He was hopeful that amendment will be issued soon.

Dear Veterans

The report from Gp Capt Gandhi regarding meeting COAS on 7 Dec indicates that firm stand taken by UFESM led by Gen Satbir Singh has put the Govt on the back foot.  Call from the Chief after meeting Raksha Mantri only a few days back shows the jitters they are going through. They are in a quandary to save their face, which is getting tarnished by their flip-flop statements.

The jitters Govt is feeling is because the serving Defence fraternity is getting affected by THIS veterans movement.  This can be suicidal for any democracy.  Social media is agog with smoldering opinions from serving soldiers.  And the intelligence agencies are busy making a collage of the situation within Defence Forces.  

Let us stand together.  No one has ever put the Govt in such a tight corner as Gen Satbir Singh.  All those wafflers and pseudo ESM leaders, please come together and strengthen this movement.  You have nothing to lose except your inflated ego.  What Gen Satbir has achieved, no General or any Chief in the history of Independent India has been able achieve for the Defence Forces.  At this juncture he only needs no interference from dissenters if they can't support him or differ with him in his strategy. 

There is only one effective veterans' movement left on the scene which is gathering the strength of a cyclone:  UFESM led by Gen Satbir Singh.  All other movements are straws in the air, polluting rather than doing anything substantial for veterans.   

General Raj Kadyan, Sir.  
Time for you to realize that veterans movement has gathered enough strength to hilao mighty coterie of politicians and babu combine, despite all your attempts to derail this movement under
Gen Satbir Singh.  Join him and strengthen his hands instead of still standing aside and scheming.

( SOURCE - VIA E-MAIL FROM Vtrn Ram Gulrajani )


  1. Dear sirs,

    All hangamma are created by finance minister, because he was defeated by our capt , the jealousy minded FM under power intoxication are doing arbitrary thing to retaliate his defeat, but we are united, some black sheeps are within us, identify them and segregate them . all ministers in BJP government immature, inexperienced and irresponsible as if they are life time ministers in the democracy. after five years they will be kicked by ballot. do anything democratically do not indulge in undesireable activity. we will achieve our goals ram ram genera sahib and gandhi sahib

    I am an ex foot soldier from tamil nadu

  2. FM who is doing good job as FM must shed ego and stubbornness.He has already done great damage to the good image of both BJP and his PM which can only be brought back by implementations of OROP as per asking by esm sitting at Jantar mantar.This is the only solution which he must remember.By that he may able to get back a lost good will of soldies of the country. For that he should immediately take corrective action.

  3. FM is not the sole culprit-in-chief for the OROP mess. All large and small chested and even spineless political leadership of all parties are responsible and can not say that they care for the veterans. All the decision makers are playing games -- without exception.

  4. Enter your comment...pro rata has already been removed by court. Table issued for arrear must be revised accordinglly and those with more than 20 yrs of service must be granted full pension without pro rata reduction.

  5. My Dear this India, Rules for every category are different. ie. circular 547 for pbor and circular 548 for offiers, they have already taken the arrears pre-2006 wef 01.01.2006 to 23.09.2012 and pbor are waiting for arrears of Rs.3 to 4 thousands only.

  6. Sir, My Father Retired as Major completing 20. year of service. Retired in 30th Aug 1980. Will he get Lt.Col pension ?
    Please clear him. On his mobile no. 09316914448