Thursday, December 24, 2015

PRESS RELEASE : OROP AS AT 1800 hrs 23 Dec 2015

Ram Jethmalani Fires First Salvo

1.      Ram Jethmalani today wrote a letter to the RM to resolve the impasse over OROP.

2.      He says in the letter that Mr Parikkar is one of the few ministers for whom he has great respect and that is the reason he is writing to him.

3.      He advises Parikkar to use his clout  with PM to fulfill his election promise and not be rattled by some bogey being raised of unbearable financial implications by some vested interests.

4.      He further  requests him to have talk with a senior  def veterans and in case required he himself will join the parley if there is genuine desire to resolve the issue. Delay in this matter is doing great harm to the interest of the party, country and image of PM. 
Shiv Sena Workers

5.       Shiv Sena workers from Maharastra today visited Jantar Mantar to express their solidarity. They even volunteered to take up the case with PM.


6.       Relay Hunger Strike entered the 192th day with one Vir Nari and 21 Sainiks participating from Khanna (Punjab) and Bhawani (Haryana).
Sainiks Surging Again at Jantar Mantar
7.       It is encouraging to see the Sainiks again coming in large numbers at Jantar Mantar.
Jai Hind Activities Team OROP JM, Delhi

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  1. This RM says something and then simply forgets that he should act on his words ...... What happened to the PCDA circular with the tables he had indicated would be issued by 20 Dec. And if intended to sort out the anomalies before issuing the circular, why can't he say so ??? FM may be the culprit-in-chief of the OROP mess but RM has been no less either. Non sense -- left, right, top and bottom, North, South, East and West -- Utter Non sense !!!!

  2. Modi Gi, RM saying not clear to the solve our war vertrans are suffering such problems on OROP but these officials are not taken any action of these Indian retired soldiers. How we are believe to these leaders and also leaderships of the country