Saturday, December 5, 2015

Khas Mulakat-Maj Gen(Rtd) Satbir Sinh-P K Ranjan-One Rank One Pension-On 4th Dec 2015

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  1. No one is touching the subject of OROP and 7 CPC matrix being incompatible. "Increments Earned" clause in 7 CPC recommendations would probably not meet OROP criteria of same pension for equal service in same rank, as speculated on here

  2. Thanks you sir for your great observation.

  3. The OROP pension is the maximum for a rank in the respective scale, where as the 7CPC gives graded pension based on increments in the rank. Both the principles are different. Just look at a colonel who retired at 25 years service, the OROP keeps all colonels in one bracket, but the 7CPC matrix will again discriminate the past pensioners.