Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Do not get disheartened on 7th CPC, not yet!

It is not just the military community, but all Central Government employees who have expressed concern over recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission.

The concern is even more marked in the military because there was hope of restoration of parity with civilian counterparts, which of course did not materialize and rather recommendations have been rendered in a manner which can be called regressive to say the least. Then there are statements recorded in the Report which are factually incorrect as also reflected in my earlier post of 21 Nov 2015 on disabled soldiers. It also seems that the Pay Commission has heavily relied upon data provided by an officer of the Defence Accounts Department attached with it without due verification or even rebuttal from the Defence Services or even veteran organizations. What is more surprising is that there are statements in the Report which are in the teeth of decisions of the Supreme Court.

The disenchantment with the Pay Commission recommendations is understandable, but not all is lost.

As we all know, these are ‘recommendations’ and not the final word, and it is unlikely that the Government would accept the abolition of certain allowances or privileges postulated by it. Pay Commissions are known for liberalization of benefits and not the opposite, and the Services HQ and even to an extent, the MoD, would not let this pass so easily. Also the Raksha Mantri would be appropriately apprised.

All I would say is, stay calm, stay easy, experts are on the job and all stakeholders would put joint efforts on all issues emanating from the 7th CPC. If still there remain some pitfalls, rest assured that there are people who would stand up for your rights!

(Source- Indian Military benefits blog)