Thursday, December 24, 2015


  1. A Neta can fight Elections from two seats! But...Yu cannot vote from two places.
  2. If yu are in jail, yu cannot vote... But any Neta can even fight Elections while in jail!
  3. If yu have ever been in jail, you can never get a Govt. Job, But...a Neta could have been in jail any number of times, even then he can become  PM or President or any other post,
  4. You have to be a graduate to get any ordinary job in a bank...But, even if a Neta is illiterate, he can become India's finance minister.
  5. To get an ordinary post in the army you have to be a graduate and also be able to run 10 km...But...even if a Neta is illiterate and ignorant, besides being lame and disabled, then even he can become the chief of Army, Navy and the Air force by becoming the Defence Minister!
  6. And even If a Neta's whole family has never gone to school, that Neta can become the Nation's Education Minister !
  7. .And... A Neta who has thousands of court cases going on against him/her, such a fellow can become the Chief of the Police Dept., that is, the Home Minister!
    If yu feel that this system needs to be changed,
We demand that the Common citizens and the Netas should be ruled by the same laws...
If you agree, Lend your support by spreading this msg by fwding to build awareness in our Country!

Sri. Deshpande
Chief Govt. Lawyer
Mumbai High Court, Mumbai.

(Source- Via e-mail from Col Ronnie Burjor Mistry, Vet)

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