Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Antipathy for the Armed forces by 7CPC

If this is true (and I have no reason to be believe it is not), this is a double whammy:

1.  Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has it in for the military because he lost to Capt Amarinder Singh. AND

2.  Chairman 7CPC because he was denied a choice bungalow.

What cheapskates with a juvenile mentality!!!

From other source:Following received from Gen Bahri:-

I have been quite intrigued by the anti Armed Forces stance taken by Justice AK Mathur, Chairman 7CPC... for eg :-

(i) A bureaucrat getting 50 to 70,000/- difficult area allce in places like Guwahati; compared to a max allce of 31,000/- as Siachen Allce.

(ii) Disability allce for Armed a Forces fixed (27,000/- for 100% disability) whereas civilians continue to get disability allce as percentage of pay.

(iii) Doing away with entitled rations for Armed Forces in peace.

(iv) Recommending O.R.O.P. for CAPF.

..... & these observations are not exhaustive.

Possible reason for this antipathy...
Justice Mathur as First Chairperson of the Principal Bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal from Sep 2008 to Aug 2013 was continuously denied a Lutyen's Zone bungalow from the Armed Forces pool. This was against the laid down rules & would have denied a 3-star general of such a privilege. His continuous applications did not bear fruit.

Please share to bring out the truth for this continuous downgrading of the Armed Forces...

Besides he must have been given “orders’ by the FM to screw the armed forces. 

Traditionally and historically pay commissions always enhance existing salaries and allowances and perks, because that is the purpose of setting up the commission – they never reduced or curtailed. 

In fact, justifying the continuance of NFU against objections of the other two members the chairman says, “It has been in existence for 10 years – let it continue…”. 

Why doesn’t the same argument hold good for rations, 100 units of electricity and funeral grant, etc..?

(Source- via-e-mail from Carl Gomes)


  1. Dear sir,
    Finance minister is adopting all sort of dirty tricks to curtail the benefit of serving soldier already in vogue ie raion since british times, all genuine allces and perks, see how tyrannical and wicked minded creature he is? What harm this poor soldiers have done to him. only sin we committed that on hearing MODI's assurance to implement OROP within 100 days from the date of coming to power, we voted him to power, now we are expiating, from top to bottom every citizen wishes us to be granted OROP in perpetuity, but only two elements parikkar and jaitley they treat us as prisoners of war. this is the condition of pseudo democracy power is in the hands of vested interests like canine is having coconut, it does not know how to break it, it will keep on rolling it

  2. Antipathy for the Armed forces by 7CPC- Coming generation will loose interest and think twice before joining the armed forces. In the course of time, the nation will face acute shortage of man power in all the three wings.(army, navy and air force) Justice Mathur, Chaiman 7th CPC and his team will be responsible for such disaster. " NOT GOLD BUT ONLY MEN CAN MAKE, A NATION GREAT AND STRONG, MEN WHO FOR THE HUMAN SAKE STAND FIRST AND SUFFER LONG...... Government must reject the recommendations of CPC which are against the interest of armed forces.